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the LuaJIT distribution for Windows, Linux and Mac

After 10 years of service, luapower is no longer getting updates.
See Allegory SDK which is actively developed.

What is luapower?

Luapower is a binary+source module distribution for LuaJIT and Terra and a way of deploying and sharing Lua modules. Learn more...

How do I get started?

Option 1. Like a Pro, using multigit:

git clone luapower
cd luapower
set MULTIGIT_FETCH_OPTS=--depth=1 # optional, no history
mgit clone
mgit clone-all
git clone luapower
cd luapower
export MULTIGIT_FETCH_OPTS=--depth=1 # optional, no history
./mgit clone
./mgit clone-all

Option 2. All-in-one:

older versions...

Option 3. Swedish buffet: Get only luajit and the modules you need from the table below, and unzip their contents over the same directory to get a portable, self-contained luapower installation.

NEW! Browse the whole annotated source tree online!

What is Lua?

Lua is a powerful, fast and lightweight scripting language. It has been used in many popular applications since its inception in 1993.

Why is it special?

Lua has a clean syntax, only 8 basic types (with LuaJIT adding a ninth), first class functions with multiple return values and varargs, a versatile data structuring type, lexical scoping, light threads, iterators, inheritance, exceptions, function environments, built-in pattern matching, tail calls, and a one-function module system.

Lua has a small and concise manual, an extensive FAQ and an active and friendly mailing list, making it easy to learn and get help along the way.

What is LuaJIT?

LuaJIT is a tracing just-in-time compiler (JIT) for Lua, and it's one of the fastest compilers for a dynamic language around.

LuaJIT is fully compatible with Lua 5.1, and includes many features from Lua 5.2 as well as some portability enhancements of the standard library.

LuaJIT extends Lua with a powerful ffi interface that allows calling C functions directly, without the need to write glue code.