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Code editor engine in Lua

Work in progress

local codedit = require'codedit'

A source code editor engine written in Lua. Codedit exposes the logic of source code editing with all its intricacies in a set of highly compartimentalized APIs, making it easy to explore, understand and extend.

Being made in pure Lua, it runs on all the platforms that Lua runs on. If, inside your Lua environment, you have the means to:

  • display characters at certain coordinates
  • display filled rectangles at certain coordinates
  • do rectangle clipping
  • process keyboard and mouse events
  • access the OS's clipboard

then you can hook up codedit with those APIs and add code editing capabilities to your app.


  • Unicode-ready.
  • cross-platform: written in Lua with no dependencies.
  • simple interface for integrating with rendering and input APIs.
  • highly modular, with separate buffer, cursor, selection, view and controller objects, allowing multiple cursors, multiple selections and multiple views over the same file buffer.


  • preserves mixed line terminators and mixed tab styles in the same file.
  • multiple selections, block selections and editing with multiple cursors.
  • configurable cursor movement policies.
  • syntax highlighting with scintillua lexers.
  • user-defined margins.
  • configurable key bindings and commands.
  • smart tabs: use tabs only when indenting, and use spaces inside the lines.

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