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Easing functions

local easing = require'easing'

Robert Penner’s easing functions.

Animation API

easing.ease(name|func, way, (t1 - t0) / dt, ...) -> d

  • name|func is (the name of) an ease function (see below)
  • way can be ‘in’ (default), ‘out’, ‘inout’ or ‘outin’
  • t1 is the animation’s current time
  • t0 is the animation’s start time
  • dt is the total animation duration
  • d is the value in 0..1 corresponding to the current time
  • ... are extra args to be passed to the ease function.

Easing functions

easing.<name> -> f(t, ...) -> d

These functions map a number in 0..1 into a number in 0..1.

Currently implemented functions: linear, quad, cubic, quart, quint, expo, sine, circ, back, elastic, bounce, slowmo.


  • elastic takes additional args amplitude, period.
  • slowmo takes additional args power, ratio, yoyo.

easing.reverse(f, t, ...) -> d

Turn an in function into an out function or viceversa.

easing.inout(f, t, ...) -> d

Turn an in function into an inout function, or an out function into an outin function.

easing.outin(f, t, ...) -> d

Turn an in function into an outin function, or an out function into an inout function. Same as easing.inout(function(t) return easing.reverse(f, t) end, t).

easing.names -> {name1, ...}

The list of easing function names in insert order. Extending the module namespace automatically adds the names to this list.

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