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easing functions

local easing = require'easing'

Robert Penner's easing functions.


easing.<formula>(t, b, c, d) -> value in b..c

The formulas map input d to output r, where d is in 0 .. t and r is in b + 0 .. c.

Formulas: linear, in_sine, in_out_quint, in_out_back, in_out_cubic, in_quint, out_quart, in_quad, out_in_quint, in_out_bounce, out_in_quad, out_quint, in_expo, in_elastic, in_out_circ, out_cubic, in_out_expo, in_circ, in_quart, in_out_quad, out_back, in_bounce, out_sine, out_in_cubic, out_in_expo, out_in_bounce, out_bounce, in_out_elastic, out_expo, in_back, out_elastic, out_in_elastic, out_quad, out_in_circ, in_cubic, out_in_sine, in_out_quart, out_in_quart, out_circ, in_out_sine, out_in_back.

Usage for animation

easing.<formula>(t1 - t0, d0, d1, T) -> d

  • t1 is the animation's current time
  • t0 is the animation's start time
  • d0 is the start value
  • d1 is the end value
  • T is the total animation duration
  • d is the current value in d0..d1 corresponding to the current time

Some formulas take additional parameters (see code).

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