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firebird database client


Package type:Lua+ffi
Last commit:2 years ago
Releases: None yet.
Platforms: all LuaJIT platforms

Dependencies   This is a combined list of packages required by all modules of this
package on each supported platform, plus binary dependencies if any.
Darker names, if present, represent indirect dependencies.

Note: These are only the dependencies required for the modules to load.
Runtime dependencies, if any, are shown separately below.

Tip: You may not need all the dependencies listed here if you are not planning
to use all the modules of the package -- look at per-module dependencies below.

Modules     P M

module   language
fbclient Lua
fbclient_bpb Lua
fbclient_datetime Lua
fbclient_dpb Lua
fbclient_errcodes Lua
glue  luajit 
fbclient_h Lua
fbclient_info Lua
glue  luajit 
fbclient_info_blob Lua
glue  luajit 
fbclient_info_db Lua
glue  luajit 
fbclient_info_sql Lua
glue  luajit 
fbclient_info_tr Lua
glue  luajit 
fbclient_pb Lua
fbclient_service Lua
fbclient_tpb Lua

Runtime Dependencies - Autoloads  
Some modules implement parts of their API in separate sub-modules.
These implementation modules are loaded automatically at runtime
only if and when accessing those APIs. See glue.autoload for how this works.

module.field implementation module
fbclient.connect_service fbclient_service

Scripts   This is the list of scripts (tests, demos, etc.).
Unlike normal modules, scripts are not run to track dependencies.
Instead, they are just parsed for require() calls.
This means that indirect dependencies are never shown.
  P M



name source file

Pkg type:Lua+ffi
Version: dev-14-g988656d
Last commit:
License: PD
Requires: glue  luajit  struct 
Required by: none