luaL_error       5851 host/minilua.c static int luaL_error(lua_State*L,const char*fmt,...);
luaL_error       5874 host/minilua.c return luaL_error(L,"bad argument #%d (%s)",narg,extramsg);
luaL_error       5879 host/minilua.c return luaL_error(L,"calling "LUA_QL("%s")" on bad self (%s)",
luaL_error       5884 host/minilua.c return luaL_error(L,"bad argument #%d to "LUA_QL("%s")" (%s)",
luaL_error       5941 host/minilua.c luaL_error(L,"stack overflow (%s)",mes);
luaL_error       6013 host/minilua.c luaL_error(L,"name conflict for module "LUA_QL("%s"),libname);
luaL_error       6262 host/minilua.c luaL_error(L,"cannot change a protected metatable");
luaL_error       6277 host/minilua.c luaL_error(L,"no function environment for tail call at level %d",
luaL_error       6292 host/minilua.c luaL_error(L,
luaL_error       6362 host/minilua.c return luaL_error(L,"%s",luaL_optstring(L,2,"assertion failed!"));
luaL_error       6373 host/minilua.c return luaL_error(L,"too many results to unpack");
luaL_error       6472 host/minilua.c return luaL_error(L,"wrong number of arguments to "LUA_QL("insert"));
luaL_error       6497 host/minilua.c luaL_error(L,"invalid value (%s) at index %d in table for "
luaL_error       6568 host/minilua.c if(i>u)luaL_error(L,"invalid order function for sorting");
luaL_error       6572 host/minilua.c if(j<l)luaL_error(L,"invalid order function for sorting");
luaL_error       6651 host/minilua.c luaL_error(L,"attempt to use a closed file");
luaL_error       6707 host/minilua.c luaL_error(L,"standard %s file is closed",fnames[findex-1]);
luaL_error       6868 host/minilua.c luaL_error(L,"file is already closed");
luaL_error       6871 host/minilua.c return luaL_error(L,"%s",strerror(errno));
luaL_error       7058 host/minilua.c luaL_error(L,"string slice too long");
luaL_error       7090 host/minilua.c return luaL_error(ms->L,"invalid capture index");
luaL_error       7097 host/minilua.c return luaL_error(ms->L,"invalid pattern capture");
luaL_error       7103 host/minilua.c luaL_error(ms->L,"malformed pattern (ends with "LUA_QL("%%")")");
luaL_error       7110 host/minilua.c luaL_error(ms->L,"malformed pattern (missing "LUA_QL("]")")");
luaL_error       7171 host/minilua.c luaL_error(ms->L,"unbalanced pattern");
luaL_error       7213 host/minilua.c if(level>=32)luaL_error(ms->L,"too many captures");
luaL_error       7262 host/minilua.c luaL_error(ms->L,"missing "LUA_QL("[")" after "
luaL_error       7341 host/minilua.c luaL_error(ms->L,"invalid capture index");
luaL_error       7345 host/minilua.c if(l==(-1))luaL_error(ms->L,"unfinished capture");
luaL_error       7485 host/minilua.c luaL_error(L,"invalid replacement value (a %s)",luaL_typename(L,-1));
luaL_error       7557 host/minilua.c luaL_error(L,"invalid format (repeated flags)");
luaL_error       7566 host/minilua.c luaL_error(L,"invalid format (width or precision too long)");
luaL_error       7637 host/minilua.c return luaL_error(L,"invalid option "LUA_QL("%%%c")" to "
luaL_error         53 lauxlib.h      LUALIB_API int (luaL_error) (lua_State *L, const char *fmt, ...);
luaL_error        423 lib_io.c         return luaL_error(L, LUA_QL("popen") " not supported");
luaL_error        119 lib_jit.c        luaL_error(L, "vmevent API disabled");
luaL_error        682 lib_jit.c          luaL_error(L, "CPU with SSE2 required");
luaL_error         88 lib_package.c      luaL_error(L, "unable to get ModuleFileName");
luaL_error        333 lib_package.c      luaL_error(L, LUA_QL("package.%s") " must be a string", pname);
luaL_error        339 lib_package.c    luaL_error(L, "error loading module " LUA_QS " from file " LUA_QS ":\n\t%s",
luaL_error        388 lib_package.c      luaL_error(L, LUA_QL("package.preload") " must be a table");
luaL_error        412 lib_package.c        luaL_error(L, "loop or previous error loading module " LUA_QS, name);
luaL_error        418 lib_package.c      luaL_error(L, LUA_QL("package.loaders") " must be a table");
luaL_error        423 lib_package.c        luaL_error(L, "module " LUA_QS " not found:%s",
luaL_error        458 lib_package.c      luaL_error(L, LUA_QL("module") " not called from a Lua function");