ERRDEF              9 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(ERRMEM,	"not enough memory")
ERRDEF             10 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(ERRERR,	"error in error handling")
ERRDEF             11 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(ERRCPP,	"C++ exception")
ERRDEF             14 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(STROV,	"string length overflow")
ERRDEF             15 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(UDATAOV,	"userdata length overflow")
ERRDEF             16 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(STKOV,	"stack overflow")
ERRDEF             17 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(STKOVM,	"stack overflow (%s)")
ERRDEF             18 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(TABOV,	"table overflow")
ERRDEF             21 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(NANIDX,	"table index is NaN")
ERRDEF             22 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(NILIDX,	"table index is nil")
ERRDEF             23 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(NEXTIDX,	"invalid key to " LUA_QL("next"))
ERRDEF             26 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(BADCALL,	"attempt to call a %s value")
ERRDEF             27 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(BADOPRT,	"attempt to %s %s " LUA_QS " (a %s value)")
ERRDEF             28 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(BADOPRV,	"attempt to %s a %s value")
ERRDEF             29 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(BADCMPT,	"attempt to compare %s with %s")
ERRDEF             30 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(BADCMPV,	"attempt to compare two %s values")
ERRDEF             31 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(GETLOOP,	"loop in gettable")
ERRDEF             32 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(SETLOOP,	"loop in settable")
ERRDEF             33 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(OPCALL,	"call")
ERRDEF             34 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(OPINDEX,	"index")
ERRDEF             35 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(OPARITH,	"perform arithmetic on")
ERRDEF             36 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(OPCAT,	"concatenate")
ERRDEF             37 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(OPLEN,	"get length of")
ERRDEF             40 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(BADSELF,	"calling " LUA_QS " on bad self (%s)")
ERRDEF             41 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(BADARG,	"bad argument #%d to " LUA_QS " (%s)")
ERRDEF             42 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(BADTYPE,	"%s expected, got %s")
ERRDEF             43 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(BADVAL,	"invalid value")
ERRDEF             44 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(NOVAL,	"value expected")
ERRDEF             45 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(NOCORO,	"coroutine expected")
ERRDEF             46 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(NOTABN,	"nil or table expected")
ERRDEF             47 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(NOLFUNC,	"Lua function expected")
ERRDEF             48 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(NOFUNCL,	"function or level expected")
ERRDEF             49 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(NOSFT,	"string/function/table expected")
ERRDEF             50 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(NOPROXY,	"boolean or proxy expected")
ERRDEF             51 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(FORINIT,	LUA_QL("for") " initial value must be a number")
ERRDEF             52 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(FORLIM,	LUA_QL("for") " limit must be a number")
ERRDEF             53 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(FORSTEP,	LUA_QL("for") " step must be a number")
ERRDEF             56 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(NOENV,	"no calling environment")
ERRDEF             57 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(CYIELD,	"attempt to yield across C-call boundary")
ERRDEF             58 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(BADLU,	"bad light userdata pointer")
ERRDEF             59 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(NOGCMM,	"bad action while in __gc metamethod")
ERRDEF             61 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(BADFPU,	"bad FPU precision (use D3DCREATE_FPU_PRESERVE with DirectX)")
ERRDEF             65 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(ASSERT,	"assertion failed!")
ERRDEF             66 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(PROTMT,	"cannot change a protected metatable")
ERRDEF             67 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(UNPACK,	"too many results to unpack")
ERRDEF             68 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(RDRSTR,	"reader function must return a string")
ERRDEF             69 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(PRTOSTR,	LUA_QL("tostring") " must return a string to " LUA_QL("print"))
ERRDEF             70 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(IDXRNG,	"index out of range")
ERRDEF             71 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(BASERNG,	"base out of range")
ERRDEF             72 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(LVLRNG,	"level out of range")
ERRDEF             73 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(INVLVL,	"invalid level")
ERRDEF             74 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(INVOPT,	"invalid option")
ERRDEF             75 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(INVOPTM,	"invalid option " LUA_QS)
ERRDEF             76 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(INVFMT,	"invalid format")
ERRDEF             77 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(SETFENV,	LUA_QL("setfenv") " cannot change environment of given object")
ERRDEF             78 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(CORUN,	"cannot resume running coroutine")
ERRDEF             79 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(CODEAD,	"cannot resume dead coroutine")
ERRDEF             80 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(COSUSP,	"cannot resume non-suspended coroutine")
ERRDEF             81 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(TABINS,	"wrong number of arguments to " LUA_QL("insert"))
ERRDEF             82 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(TABCAT,	"invalid value (%s) at index %d in table for " LUA_QL("concat"))
ERRDEF             83 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(TABSORT,	"invalid order function for sorting")
ERRDEF             84 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(IOCLFL,	"attempt to use a closed file")
ERRDEF             85 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(IOSTDCL,	"standard file is closed")
ERRDEF             86 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(OSUNIQF,	"unable to generate a unique filename")
ERRDEF             87 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(OSDATEF,	"field " LUA_QS " missing in date table")
ERRDEF             88 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(STRDUMP,	"unable to dump given function")
ERRDEF             89 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(STRSLC,	"string slice too long")
ERRDEF             90 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(STRPATB,	"missing " LUA_QL("[") " after " LUA_QL("%f") " in pattern")
ERRDEF             91 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(STRPATC,	"invalid pattern capture")
ERRDEF             92 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(STRPATE,	"malformed pattern (ends with " LUA_QL("%") ")")
ERRDEF             93 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(STRPATM,	"malformed pattern (missing " LUA_QL("]") ")")
ERRDEF             94 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(STRPATU,	"unbalanced pattern")
ERRDEF             95 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(STRPATX,	"pattern too complex")
ERRDEF             96 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(STRCAPI,	"invalid capture index")
ERRDEF             97 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(STRCAPN,	"too many captures")
ERRDEF             98 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(STRCAPU,	"unfinished capture")
ERRDEF             99 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(STRFMT,	"invalid option " LUA_QS " to " LUA_QL("format"))
ERRDEF            100 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(STRGSRV,	"invalid replacement value (a %s)")
ERRDEF            101 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(BADMODN,	"name conflict for module " LUA_QS)
ERRDEF            103 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(JITPROT,	"runtime code generation failed, restricted kernel?")
ERRDEF            105 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(NOJIT,	"JIT compiler disabled, CPU does not support SSE2")
ERRDEF            107 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(NOJIT,	"JIT compiler disabled")
ERRDEF            110 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(NOJIT,	"no JIT compiler for this architecture (yet)")
ERRDEF            112 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(NOJIT,	"JIT compiler permanently disabled by build option")
ERRDEF            114 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(JITOPT,	"unknown or malformed optimization flag " LUA_QS)
ERRDEF            117 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(XMODE,	"attempt to load chunk with wrong mode")
ERRDEF            118 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(XNEAR,	"%s near " LUA_QS)
ERRDEF            119 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(XLINES,	"chunk has too many lines")
ERRDEF            120 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(XLEVELS,	"chunk has too many syntax levels")
ERRDEF            121 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(XNUMBER,	"malformed number")
ERRDEF            122 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(XLSTR,	"unfinished long string")
ERRDEF            123 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(XLCOM,	"unfinished long comment")
ERRDEF            124 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(XSTR,	"unfinished string")
ERRDEF            125 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(XESC,	"invalid escape sequence")
ERRDEF            126 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(XLDELIM,	"invalid long string delimiter")
ERRDEF            127 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(XTOKEN,	LUA_QS " expected")
ERRDEF            128 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(XJUMP,	"control structure too long")
ERRDEF            129 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(XSLOTS,	"function or expression too complex")
ERRDEF            130 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(XLIMC,	"chunk has more than %d local variables")
ERRDEF            131 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(XLIMM,	"main function has more than %d %s")
ERRDEF            132 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(XLIMF,	"function at line %d has more than %d %s")
ERRDEF            133 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(XMATCH,	LUA_QS " expected (to close " LUA_QS " at line %d)")
ERRDEF            134 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(XFIXUP,	"function too long for return fixup")
ERRDEF            135 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(XPARAM,	"<name> or " LUA_QL("...") " expected")
ERRDEF            137 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(XAMBIG,	"ambiguous syntax (function call x new statement)")
ERRDEF            139 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(XFUNARG,	"function arguments expected")
ERRDEF            140 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(XSYMBOL,	"unexpected symbol")
ERRDEF            141 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(XDOTS,	"cannot use " LUA_QL("...") " outside a vararg function")
ERRDEF            142 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(XSYNTAX,	"syntax error")
ERRDEF            143 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(XFOR,	LUA_QL("=") " or " LUA_QL("in") " expected")
ERRDEF            144 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(XBREAK,	"no loop to break")
ERRDEF            145 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(XLUNDEF,	"undefined label " LUA_QS)
ERRDEF            146 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(XLDUP,	"duplicate label " LUA_QS)
ERRDEF            147 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(XGSCOPE,	"<goto %s> jumps into the scope of local " LUA_QS)
ERRDEF            150 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(BCFMT,	"cannot load incompatible bytecode")
ERRDEF            151 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(BCBAD,	"cannot load malformed bytecode")
ERRDEF            155 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(FFI_INVTYPE,	"invalid C type")
ERRDEF            156 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(FFI_INVSIZE,	"size of C type is unknown or too large")
ERRDEF            157 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(FFI_BADSCL,	"bad storage class")
ERRDEF            158 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(FFI_DECLSPEC,	"declaration specifier expected")
ERRDEF            159 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(FFI_BADTAG,	"undeclared or implicit tag " LUA_QS)
ERRDEF            160 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(FFI_REDEF,	"attempt to redefine " LUA_QS)
ERRDEF            161 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(FFI_NUMPARAM,	"wrong number of type parameters")
ERRDEF            162 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(FFI_INITOV,	"too many initializers for " LUA_QS)
ERRDEF            163 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(FFI_BADCONV,	"cannot convert " LUA_QS " to " LUA_QS)
ERRDEF            164 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(FFI_BADLEN,	"attempt to get length of " LUA_QS)
ERRDEF            165 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(FFI_BADCONCAT,	"attempt to concatenate " LUA_QS " and " LUA_QS)
ERRDEF            166 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(FFI_BADARITH,	"attempt to perform arithmetic on " LUA_QS " and " LUA_QS)
ERRDEF            167 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(FFI_BADCOMP,	"attempt to compare " LUA_QS " with " LUA_QS)
ERRDEF            168 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(FFI_BADCALL,	LUA_QS " is not callable")
ERRDEF            169 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(FFI_NUMARG,	"wrong number of arguments for function call")
ERRDEF            170 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(FFI_BADMEMBER,	LUA_QS " has no member named " LUA_QS)
ERRDEF            171 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(FFI_BADIDX,	LUA_QS " cannot be indexed")
ERRDEF            172 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(FFI_BADIDXW,	LUA_QS " cannot be indexed with " LUA_QS)
ERRDEF            173 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(FFI_BADMM,	LUA_QS " has no " LUA_QS " metamethod")
ERRDEF            174 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(FFI_WRCONST,	"attempt to write to constant location")
ERRDEF            175 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(FFI_NODECL,	"missing declaration for symbol " LUA_QS)
ERRDEF            176 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(FFI_BADCBACK,	"bad callback")
ERRDEF            178 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(FFI_CBACKOV,	"no support for callbacks on this OS")
ERRDEF            180 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(FFI_CBACKOV,	"too many callbacks")
ERRDEF            182 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(FFI_NYIPACKBIT,	"NYI: packed bit fields")
ERRDEF            183 lj_errmsg.h    ERRDEF(FFI_NYICALL,	"NYI: cannot call this C function (yet)")
ERRDEF            186 lj_errmsg.h    #undef ERRDEF