TREDEF              9 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(RECERR,	"error thrown or hook called during recording")
TREDEF             10 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(TRACEUV,	"trace too short")
TREDEF             11 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(TRACEOV,	"trace too long")
TREDEF             12 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(STACKOV,	"trace too deep")
TREDEF             13 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(SNAPOV,	"too many snapshots")
TREDEF             14 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(BLACKL,	"blacklisted")
TREDEF             15 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(RETRY,	"retry recording")
TREDEF             16 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(NYIBC,	"NYI: bytecode %d")
TREDEF             19 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(LLEAVE,	"leaving loop in root trace")
TREDEF             20 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(LINNER,	"inner loop in root trace")
TREDEF             21 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(LUNROLL,	"loop unroll limit reached")
TREDEF             24 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(BADTYPE,	"bad argument type")
TREDEF             25 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(CJITOFF,	"JIT compilation disabled for function")
TREDEF             26 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(CUNROLL,	"call unroll limit reached")
TREDEF             27 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(DOWNREC,	"down-recursion, restarting")
TREDEF             28 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(NYIFFU,	"NYI: unsupported variant of FastFunc %s")
TREDEF             29 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(NYIRETL,	"NYI: return to lower frame")
TREDEF             32 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(STORENN,	"store with nil or NaN key")
TREDEF             33 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(NOMM,	"missing metamethod")
TREDEF             34 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(IDXLOOP,	"looping index lookup")
TREDEF             35 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(NYITMIX,	"NYI: mixed sparse/dense table")
TREDEF             38 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(NOCACHE,	"symbol not in cache")
TREDEF             39 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(NYICONV,	"NYI: unsupported C type conversion")
TREDEF             40 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(NYICALL,	"NYI: unsupported C function type")
TREDEF             43 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(GFAIL,	"guard would always fail")
TREDEF             44 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(PHIOV,	"too many PHIs")
TREDEF             45 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(TYPEINS,	"persistent type instability")
TREDEF             48 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(MCODEAL,	"failed to allocate mcode memory")
TREDEF             49 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(MCODEOV,	"machine code too long")
TREDEF             50 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(MCODELM,	"hit mcode limit (retrying)")
TREDEF             51 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(SPILLOV,	"too many spill slots")
TREDEF             52 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(BADRA,	"inconsistent register allocation")
TREDEF             53 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(NYIIR,	"NYI: cannot assemble IR instruction %d")
TREDEF             54 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(NYIPHI,	"NYI: PHI shuffling too complex")
TREDEF             55 lj_traceerr.h  TREDEF(NYICOAL,	"NYI: register coalescing too complex")
TREDEF             57 lj_traceerr.h  #undef TREDEF