Thanks for explaining the doc process. I'm still learning all the little details, and will rethink this a bit as well.

Unqlite is more similar to Redis -- as a key/data store. Though much lighter in functionality. UnQLite can also emulate most MongoDB like functionality with its built in "Jx9" (basically JSON) internal scripting language. That is the part I'm trying to get working now, but having some trouble with a pointer error. So right now I only have the key store binded, with the transactions working as well. It's a continuation of a binding someone else started.

SQlite is more similar to mySQL - SQL based. I still want to work on a SQLite package, but UnQLite ended up being a better option for me to learn FFI with.

I've never touched C until luapower, and I've always wanted to learn more about FFI. You have succeeded at both, and now my mind is going crazy with ideas. Thanks for that. :p

"Edit on Github" button is a good idea. I'll run through the process. I really enjoy documenting and distilling down ideas and workflows. My philosophy is "People are not programmers", so simple documentation allows your project to relate to more people and gain more traction, as most are just hacking about anyway, in my experience.