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  • Hi,

    I have a few questions, that probably have obvious answers, but here goes:

    1. Is the idea to have a compiled version of the available sources in the package distribution? Or is it just the .c and .h with available platform build scripts that the client handles?

    2. I'm using to compile and backup my Linux64 sources . Drone also has a number of other tools (and I think you can apt-get), I'm a compiler newbie, but does any of this give me the means to compile for other platforms beside Linux32/64?

    The virtual machine is pre-installed with the following software:
    Please note that Virtual Machines run 64-bit Linux, however, ia32-libs are included if you want to compile for 32-bit.

    1. Which files do I need to prefix 'lib' to? I get an error during one of the build steps if it does not find a 'lib' prefix on the file. I was under the impression that you were not supposed to include anything but the name.

    2. Can I compile for 32bit OSX on Yosemite 64? If so, any good references?

    3. I have mgit installed in /usr/local/bin, which works great globally. But even if I drop the luapower-repos in there, it seems like I still need to pull luapower-repos in any project directory I'm in. Is there a way to install the luapower-repos somewhere (probably not /usr/local/bin) and specify a custom path for mgit to use? This would be for a development scenario.

    4. Am I asking too many questions?

    Thanks in advance.


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    1. Yes, binaries, C sources and build scripts must be included (see faq). There should be no external dependencies except for system libs.
    2. Dunno about The way I build for multiple platforms is by having virtualbox images for all OSs. For OSX I just use my Mac because these fuckers don't allow OSX on a VM. For more see
    3. The .so and .a files (so and libfoo.a).
    4. You can compile for both 32bit and 64bit on any Mac (clang is a cross-compiler). You just need to set the appropriate flags. For more see
    5. You can put luapower wherever you like (certainly not in /usr/local/bin), mgit will work from any directory where there's a .mgit folder, just like git looks for the .git folder.
    6. Not at all. These are good questions, keep'em coming.

learn 1 help 2 building 2
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