[ANN] libcurl binding for LuaJIT

  • Good news everyone!

    New libcurl binding for LuaJIT:


    Quick overview:

    • alpha quality (i.e. I only use parts of it and the tests have poor coverage)
    • binds the whole API (single, multi, shared, forms)
    • includes build scripts and binaries (static and dynamic) for Windows, OSX and Linux; binaries depend on openssl only on Linux, otherwise native SSL APIs are used so no dependencies; openssl binary for Linux is included as a separate package with its own build scripts; you want to ship openssl on Linux if you're shipping your app in binary form because openssl is not ABI-compatibile between versions and distros seldom include multiple versions of it (OTOH building the binaries took more than writing the binding, I'm sure there's a lesson in here somewhere).
    • no SCP or HTTP2 support yet (I mean it works if you have proper binaries).


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