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    I'm seeing lots of problems when trying to run various luajit tests on Mac OS 10.12.3. Here's a typical example:

    akt$ ./luajit nw_test.lua dialog-open-custom
    /HD/luapower-all-master/bin/osx64/luajit-bin: ./nw_cocoa.lua:86: 'struct objc_object' is not callable
    stack traceback:
    [C]: in function 'operatingSystemVersionString'
    ./nw_cocoa.lua:86: in function 'ver'
    ./nw.lua:188: in function 'ver'
    nw_test.lua:2563: in function <nw_test.lua:2561>
    nw_test.lua:34: in function 'run_test'
    nw_test.lua:2694: in main chunk
    [C]: at 0x0100000b90

    I'm fairly new to Lua and LuaJIT so I'm at a loss to figure out how to fix this.

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