Re adding LJIT2RPi - on a first look it seems to have good coverage of the platform. Haven't looked at the code in detail but if it's by William Adams it's probably good stuff.

That being said, I have a few problems with the approach to publishing that lib:

RPi is a Linux, thus a mix of cross-platform libs (some of which luapower already includes) and RPi specific ones. On a "rpi" platform package, I would only add the specific ones, and separate out the cross-platform ones, even when they are only useful on Pi (eg. OpenVG). With luapwer it's ok and encouraged to have 1000 small packages with very long dependency lists because we know how to scale that without increasing the friction, so no point in having bundles of unrelated modules anymore. we need API tables or at least an orientation doc (like winapi), why doesn't people add those? I'm tired of having to poke around 5 files in ljsyscall every time I need to make a select() call. People write some great software but then they don't give you the API table, I don't get it.

Sorry for my little rant here but sometimes I feel that we programmers have some very low standards of usability :)