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Filesystem support

local lfs = require'lfs'

A distribution of LuaFileSystem.


file attributes
lfs.attributes(path[, attr]) -> t | val | nil,err get all file attributes or a specific attribute (see below)
lfs.symlinkattributes(path[, attr]) -> t | val | nil,err like lfs.attributes but for the link file (not on Windows)
current directory
lfs.currentdir() -> s | nil,err get the current directory
lfs.chdir(path) -> true | nil,err change the current directory
directory iteration
lfs.dir(path) -> iter, dir_obj get a directory iterator (to use with for)
iter(dir_obj) -> filename | nil explicit iteration
dir_obj:next() -> filename | nil explicit iteration
dir_obj:close() close the iterator
directory operations
lfs.mkdir(dirname) -> true | nil,err create a directory (if the parent exists)
lfs.rmdir(dirname) -> true | nil,err remove an empty directory
lfs.lock_dir(path, [timeout]) -> lockfile | nil,err check/create lockfile.lfs in path
lockfile:free() release the lockfile
lfs.lock(file, 'r'|'w'[, start[, len]]) -> true | nil,err lock (parts of) an opened file in shared ('r') or exclusive ('w') mode
lfs.unlock(file[, start[, len]]) -> true | nil,err unlock (parts of) an opened file
lfs.touch(path[, atime [, mtime]]) -> true | nil,err set atime and mtime of file to specified or current time
lfs.setmode(file, mode) -> true,lastmode | nil,err set the writing mode ('binary' or 'text')

File attributes

dev device number (Unix) or drive number (Windows)
ino Unix only: inode number
mode protection mode: file, directory, link, socket,
named pipe, char device, block device, other
nlink number of hard links to the file
uid user-id of owner (Unix only, always 0 on Windows)
gid group-id of owner (Unix only, always 0 on Windows)
rdev device type (Unix) or same as dev (Windows)
access time of last access (os.time() semantics)
modification time of last data modification (os.time() semantics)
change time of last file status change (os.time() semantics)
size file size, in bytes
permissions file permissions string
blocks block allocated for file (Unix only)
blksize optimal file system I/O blocksize (Unix only)

NOTE: lfs.attributes() follows symlinks recursively. To obtain information about the link itself use lfs.symlinkattributes().

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