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Libspng LuaJIT binding

local spng = require'libspng'

A ffi binding of libspng.

API | read) -> png open a PNG image for decoding
png:load([opt]) -> bmp load the image into a bitmap
png:free() free the image encode a bitmap into a PNG image -> png

Open a PNG image and read its header. opt is a table containing at least the read function and possibly other options.

The read function has the form read(buf, len) -> readlen, it cannot yield and it must signal I/O errors by returning nil. It will only be asked to read a positive number of bytes and it can return less bytes than asked, including zero which signals EOF.

The opt table has the fields:

  • read: the read function (required).

The returned png object contains information about the file and can be used to load/decode the actual image. Its fields are:

  • format, w, h: image native format and dimensions
  • interlaced, indexed: format flags.

TIP: Use tcp:recvall_read() from sock to read from a TCP socket.

TIP: Use f:buffered_read() from fs to read from a file.

png:load(opt) -> bmp

The opt table has the fields:

  • accept: a table with the fields:
    • FORMAT = true specify one or more accepted formats: 'bgra8', 'rgba8', 'rgba16', 'rgb8', 'g8', 'ga8', 'ga16'.
    • bottom_up: bottom-up bitmap (false).
    • stride_aligned: align stride to 4 bytes (false).
  • gamma: decode and apply gamma (only for RGB(A) output formats; false).
  • premultiply_alpha: premultiply the alpha channel (true).

If no accept option is given or no conversion is possible, the image is returned in the native format, transparency not decoded, gamma not decoded palette not expanded. To avoid this from happening, accept at least one RGB(A) output format (conversion is always possible to those, see table).

The returned bitmap has the fields: * standard bitmap fields format, bottom_up, stride, data, size, w, h. * partial: image wasn’t fully read (read_error contains the error).

Encode a bitmap as PNG. opt is a table containing at least the source bitmap and an output write function, and possibly other options:

  • bitmap: a bitmap in an accepted format: 'g1', 'g2', 'g4', 'g8', 'g16', 'ga8', 'ga16', 'rgb8', 'rgba8', 'bgra8', 'rgba16', 'i1', 'i2', 'i4', 'i8'.
  • write: write data to a sink of form write(buf, len) -> true | nil,err (cannot yield).
  • chunks: list of PNG chunks to encode.

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Author: Cosmin Apreutesei
License: BSD
Import ver: 0.7.1

Requires: luajit 

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