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Doubly linked lists in Lua

local list = require'linkedlist'

Doubly linked lists in Lua. Doubly linked lists make insert, remove and move operations fast, and access by index slow. In this particular implementation items must be Lua tables for which fields _prev and _next must be reserved for linking.


list() -> list create a new list
list:clear() clear the list
list:insert_first(t) add an item at beginning of the list
list:insert_last(t) add an item at the end of the list
list:insert_after([anchor, ]t) add an item after another item (or at the end)
list:insert_before([anchor, ]t) add an item before another item (or at the beginning)
list:remove(t) -> t remove a specific item (and return it)
list:removel_last() -> t remove and return the last item, if any
list:remove_first() -> t remove and return the first item, if any
list:next([current]) -> t next item after some item (or first item)
list:prev([current]) -> t previous item after some item (or last item)
list:items() -> iterator<item> iterate items
list:reverse_items() -> iterator<item> iterate items in reverse
list:copy() -> new_list copy the list

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