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LuaJIT binary


Package type:Lua
Last commit:37 days ago
Releases: None yet.

Dependencies   This is a combined list of packages required by all modules of this
package on each supported platform, plus binary dependencies if any.
Darker names, if present, represent indirect dependencies.

Note: These are only the dependencies required for the modules to load.
Runtime dependencies, if any, are shown separately below.

Tip: You may not need all the dependencies listed here if you are not planning
to use all the modules of the package -- look at per-module dependencies below.

No dependencies.

Modules     P M

module   language
_G built-in
bit built-in
coroutine built-in
debug built-in
ffi built-in
io built-in
jit built-in
jit.bc Lua
jit.bcsave Lua
jit.dis_x64 Lua
jit.dis_x86 Lua
jit.dump Lua
jit.p Lua
jit.profile built-in
jit.util built-in
jit.v Lua
jit.vmdef (mingw64)
jit.vmdef (osx64)
jit.vmdef (linux64)
Lua Lua
math built-in
os built-in
package built-in
strict Lua
string built-in
table built-in
table.clone built-in
table.isarray built-in
table.isempty built-in built-in
table.nkeys built-in
thread.exdata built-in


name source file

Pkg type:Lua
Version: 3f78c74
Last commit:
License: MIT
Import ver: v2.1-20190912
Requires: none
Required by: cjson  lanes  lfs  lpeg  luasec  nginx  socket  struct  terra  webb  bitmap  blake2  bmp  bnet  boxblur  bundle  cairo  cbframe  clipper  color  cplayer  dynasm  expat  ffi_reflect  freetype  fribidi  fs  genx  giflib  glue  harfbuzz  hidapi  hmac  hunspell  lfrb  libb64  libcurl  libexif  libjpeg  libogg  libpng  libsodium  libsoundio  libunibreak  llvm  luapower  luastate  lx  lz4  md5  minizip  mysql  nw  opengl  proc  pthread  resolver  rs232  rsync  sha2  terra.layer  terra.low  testui  thread  time  tr0  ucdn  ui  unixperms  utf8  videoinput  winapi  winapi.cairopanel  xxhash  zlib  font_db  gfonts  path2d  rangelist  socketloop  terra.arrayfreelist  terra.arrayview  terra.bitmap  terra.box2d  terra.boxblur  terra.cairo  terra.dynarray  terra.fixedfreelist  terra.hashmap  terra.linkedlist  terra.lrucache  terra.oo  terra.phf  terra.random  terra.utf8  unit  winapi.wglpanel