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Downloading and managing luapower packages with git, using a simple git wrapper.

Why a git wrapper?

Because luapower packages need to be overlaid over the same directory, and there's just no git-clone option to do that - you need to type in a few more git commands, that's all.


First, let's git it:

> git clone luapower
> cd luapower

The ssh url is ssh://

This brings in the clone and remove commands:

> clone

   clone <package> [origin | url]    clone a package
   clone --list                      list uncloned packages
   clone --all                       clone all packages

NOTE: In Linux, the command is ./ They're all like that.

Tip: To clone packages via ssh instead, you can either, a) edit _git/luapower.baseurl and replace the url there with ssh://, or b) configure git to replace urls on-the-fly with git config --global url."ssh://".insteadOf

Tip: You can clone luapower packages from any location, not just github, as long as they have the proper directory layout. These locations can even be labeled to avoid typing the full url every time when cloning. Create a file named _git/xyz.baseurl, write the base url (with traling slash) in it, and then clone it by typing clone <package> xyz.

> remove

   remove <package>       remove a cloned package completely from the disk
   remove --list          list cloned packages

The rest is done via git, using the proj command to set the context (repo) in which git should operate.

> proj foo
[foo] > git ls-files


[foo] > proj bar
[bar] > git pull
[bar] > proj baz
[baz] > git pull

proj is just a glorified wrapper for setting the env var GIT_DIR=_git/<package>/.git, which allows us to use git (for a specific package) without leaving the (shared) work-tree.

Building all C libraries

> cd csrc
> build --all

This builds all the packages that have a build script for the current platform, in the right order (pretty fast too). You need to set up a building environment for this to work.

Updating all packages

> on-all git pull

Module development

Creating a new package

  1. Create _git/<package.origin> and write in it the git url where you plan to upload your package.
  2. Run clone <package>. It will fail since there's no repo at that url, but it will create your local repository.
  3. Add your files, which can be anywhere in the luapower tree. Refer to get-involved if you want to stick to the conventions, but you don't have to, unless you want to add your module to
  4. Type proj <package> and then add/commit/push with the usual git add, git commit and git push commands. To avoid seeing other modules' files as untracked, create a file named <package>.exclude, which is the .gitignore file for your package.

Updating multiple packages

Here's a few handy git wrappers for tracking changes across the entire repo collection:

> modified           ; list modified files across all repos
> unpushed           ; list unpushed repos
> untracked          ; list untracked files (takes a while)

Module publishing

Refer to get-involved.