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Minizip 2 ffi binding

local zip = require'minizip2'

A ffi binding of minizip2, a C library for creating and extracting zip archives, featuring:

  • reading and writing zip archives from memory.
  • password protection with AES encryption.
  • preserving file attributes and timestamps across file systems.
  • multi-file archives.
  • following and storing symbolic links.
  • utf8 filename support.
  • zipping of central directory to reduce size.
  • generate and verify CMS file signatures.
  • recover the central directory if it is corrupt or missing.

API | file,[mode],[passwd]) -> rz|wz open a zip file
rz:entries() -> iter() -> e iterate entries
rz:first() -> true|false goto first entry
rz:next() -> true|false goto next entry
rz:find(filename[, ignore_case]) -> true|false find entry
rz.entry_is_dir -> true|false is current entry a directory?
rz:entry_hash(['md5'|'sha1'|'sha256']) -> s|false current entry hash
rz.sign_required = true|false require signing
rz.file_has_sign -> true|false is opened file entry signed?
rz:file_verify_sign() -> true|false verify signature of opened file entry
rz.entry -> e get current entry info
e.compression_method -> s compression method
e.mtime -> ts last modified time
e.atime -> ts last accessed time
e.btime -> ts creation time
e.crc -> n crc-32
e.compressed_size -> n compressed size
e.uncompressed_size -> n uncompressed size
e.disk_number -> n disk number start
e.disk_offset -> n relative offset of local header
e.internal_fa -> n internal file attributes
e.external_fa -> n external file attributes
e.filename -> s filename
e.comment -> s comment
e.linkname -> s sym-link filename
e.zip64 -> true|false zip64 extension mode
e.aes_version -> n winzip aes extension if not 0
e.aes_encryption_mode -> n winzip aes encryption mode
rz:extract(to_filepath) extract current entry to file
rz:extract_all(to_dir) extract all to dir
rz:read'*a' -> s read entire entry as string
rz:open_entry() open current entry
rz:read(buf, maxlen) -> len read from opened entry into a buffer
rz:close_entry() close entry
rz.pattern = s filter listing entries
rz.ci_pattern = s filter listing entries (case insensitive)
rz|wz.password = s set password for decryption/encryption
rz|wz.raw = true|false set raw mode
rz|wz.raw -> true|false get raw mode
rz.encoding = 'utf8'|codepage support codepages in filenames
rz.zip_cd -> true|false does the zip have a zipped central directory?
wz.zip_cd = true|false zip the central directory
rz.comment -> s get comment for the central directory
wz.aes = true|false use aes encryption
wz.store_links = true|false store symlinks
wz.follow_links = true|false follow symlinks
wz.compression_level = 0..9 set compression level
wz.compression_method = 'store|deflate' set compression method
wz:add_file(filepath[, filepath_in_zip]) archive a file
wz:add_memfile{filename=,data=,[size=],...} add a file from a memory buffer
wz:add_all(dir,[root_dir],[incl_path],[recursive]) add entire dir
wz:add_all_from_zip(rz) add all entries from other zip file
wz:zip_cd() compress central directory
wz:set_cert(cert_path[, password]) set signing certificate
rz|wz.zip_handle -> z get C zip handle
rz|wz:close() close the zip file

NOTE: All functions raise on errors, with the exception of I/O and parsing errors on which they return nil, err, errcode. | file,[mode],[passwd]) -> rz|wz

The options table has the fields:

key mode value default meaning
mode rwa 'r'|'w'|'a' 'r' open for reading, writing or appending
file rwa string open a zip file from disk
in_memory r true|false false load whole file in memory
data r string|buffer open a zip file from a memory buffer or string
size r number #data data size
copy r true|false false copy the buffer before loading
pattern r string filter listing entries
ci_pattern r string filter listing entries (case insensitive)
password rwa string set password for decryption/encryption
raw rwa true|false set raw mode
encoding r 'utf8'|codepage support codepages in filenames
zip_cd w true|false false zip the central directory
aes w true|false true (!) use aes encryption
store_links w true|false false store symlinks
follow_links w true|false false follow symlinks
compression_level w 0..9 9 compression level
compression_method w 'store|deflate' 'deflate' compression method

Open a zip file for reading, writing or appending. The zip file bits can come from the filesystem or from a memory buffer.


Neither Windows Explorer on Windows 10 nor Total Commander can read zip files with zipped central directory (zip_cd option).

Windows Explorer on Windows 10 cannot read AES-encrypted zip entries (aes option, enabled by default). On the other hand, the old PKZIP encryption (aes = false) is not secure at all, and can be decrypted with specialized tools since 1990 regardless of password length. So you have to choose between security and accessibility with this one as you can’t have both.

AES encryption (aes option) encrypts with AES-256, the only bit length available.


The included binaries only support deflate compression for which they depend on zlib. LZMA and bzip2 compression/decompression is not supported in the binary (the binding supports it though if you have the right binary).


  • stream API (yieldable if possible)

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Pkg type:Lua+ffi
Version: c3f986a
Last commit:
Author: Cosmin Apreutesei
License: MIT
Import: minizip
Import ver: 2.9.1

Requires: +luajit  +zlib  +luajit  +zlib 

Required by: xlsxwriter  xlsxwriter