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portable memory mapping


Package type:Lua
Last commit:3 months ago
Releases: None yet.
Platforms: all Lua platforms

Load Errors   Errors encountered when loading the module. Modules with load errors
on a platform don't have their dependencies recorded on that platform,
which also screws up the combined dependency list.

module load errors
mmap   ./mmap.lua:7: ./mmap_common.lua:13: ./fs.lua:19: cannot change a protected metatable
  .\mmap.lua:7: .\mmap_common.lua:18: attempt to index local 'fsbk' (a nil value)
  ./mmap.lua:7: ./mmap_common.lua:18: attempt to index local 'fsbk' (a nil value)

Dependencies   This is a combined list of packages required by all modules of this
package on each supported platform, plus binary dependencies if any.
Darker names, if present, represent indirect dependencies.

Note: These are only the dependencies required for the modules to load.
Runtime dependencies, if any, are shown separately below.

Tip: You may not need all the dependencies listed here if you are not planning
to use all the modules of the package -- look at per-module dependencies below.

No dependencies.

Modules     P M

module   language
mmap Lua (has errors)

Scripts   This is the list of scripts (tests, demos, etc.).
Unlike normal modules, scripts are not run to track dependencies.
Instead, they are just parsed for require() calls.
This means that indirect dependencies are never shown.
  P M

luajit  mmap 


name source file

Pkg type:Lua
Version: dev-36-g249f08c
Last commit:
License: PD
Requires: none
Required by: none