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Logic-less templates

local mustache = require'mustache'

A mustache parser and renderer written in Lua with the aim of producing the exact same output as mustache.js on the same template + cjson-encoded view. For full syntax of mustache see the mustache manual.


  • syntax:
    • html-escaped values: {{var}}
    • unescaped values: {{{var}}} or {{& var}}
    • sections: {{#var}} ... {{/var}}
    • inverted sections: {{^var}} ... {{/var}}
    • comments: {{! ... }}
    • partials: {{>name}}
    • set delimiters: {{=<% %>=}}
    • scoped vars: a.b.c wherever var is expected.
  • semantics:
    • compatible with mustache.js as to what constitutes a non-false value, in particular '', 0 and '0' are considered false.
    • compatibile with cjson as to what is considered an array and what is a hashmap, in particular sparse arrays that contain no other keys are seen as lists and their non-nil elements are iterated.
    • section lambdas f(text, render) and value lambdas f() are supported.
  • rendering:
    • passes all mustache.js tests.
    • preserves the indentation of standalone partials.
    • escapes &, >, <, ", ', /, ,=` like mustache.js.
  • other:
    • error reporting with line and column number information.
    • dump tool for debugging compiled templates.
    • text position info for all tokens (can be used for syntax highlighting).


mustache.render(template, [view], [partials], [write], [d1, d2], [escape_func]) -> s (compile and) render a template
mustache.compile(template, [d1, d2]) -> template compile a template to bytecode
mustache.dump(template, [d1, d2], [print]) dump bytecode (for debugging)

mustache.render(template, [data], [partials], [write], [d1, d2], [escape_func]) -> s

(Compile and) render a template. Args:

  • template - the template, in compiled or in string form.
  • view - the template view.
  • partials - either {name -> template} or function(name) -> template
  • write - a function(s) to output the rendered pieces to.
  • d1, d2 - initial set delimiters.
  • escape_func - the escape function for {{var}} substitutions.

mustache.compile(template[, d1, d2]) -> template

Compile a template to bytecode (if not already compiled).

mustache.dump(program, [d1, d2], [print])

Dump the template bytecode (for debugging).

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Version: 4f32cff
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Author: Cosmin Apreutesei
License: Public Domain

Requires: glue  luajit 

Required by: webb  x-widgets