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Portable OS APIs


Native windows key codes

Using the keyboard

Keyboards are used differently depending on purpose, which can be text input, navigation, editing, shortcuts and other functions.

For text input what is being typed is determined by a combination of physical layout, logical layout input method, capslock state, numlock state, shift state, key pause and repeat intervals. Since all this is very complex and involves various user settings, this is entirely serviced by OS: we just get an event with one or more unicode code points representing what is being typed.

For navigation the physical location of the keys matters. WASD games use keys normally used for text input (thus layout-dependent) for the purpose of navigation, so there needs to be a way to identify character and punctuation keys based on their physical positon on the standard US keyboard regerdless of the keyboard’s actual layout. This also creates the need to get the keycap name for those keys. Games also want to ignore the numlock and capslock states, and may want to distinguish between left and right modifier keys.

Editing keys (Tab, Enter), as well as function, control and modifier keys are universal, but not all of them are available between PC, Mac and laptop keyboards.

Shortcuts involving character and punctuation keys must use layout-dependent keys so there needs to be a way to query the pressed state of character and punctuation keys based on the the current layout. Most shortcuts don’t distinguish between left and right modifiers but some do.

For shortcuts there’s also the issue of certain key combinations being used by the OS and what these are is different beteween Windows, OSX and Linux so care must be taken not to use those. And then there’s cultural differences that need to be accounted for like how Windows’ Ctrl+C needs to be Command+C on a Mac.

Key names

key            vkeys                         comments
;                                            US keyboard
/                                            US keyboard
`                                            US keyboard
[                                            US keyboard
\\                                           US keyboard
]                                            US keyboard
'                                            US keyboard



F11                                          taken on Mac (show desktop)
F12                                          taken on Mac (show dashboard)

F13                                          OSX only
F14                                          OSX only; taken (brightness down)
F15                                          OSX only; taken (brightness up)
F16                                          Mac keyboard
F17                                          Mac keyboard
F18                                          Mac keyboard
F19                                          Mac keyboard

capslock                                     no key-up timing on OSX
numlock                                      Windows only; light always off on OSX
printscreen                                  Windows only; taken (screen capture)
scrolllock                                   Windows only
break                                        Windows only


numclear                                     separate key on Mac keyboard

lwin                                         Windows only
rwin                                         Windows only
menu                                         Windows keyboard
num=                                         OSX only


ctrl           lctrl          rctrl
alt            lalt           ralt
command        lcommand       rcommand       OSX only

left           left!          numleft        num... variants are Windows only
up             up!            numup
right          right!         numright
down           down!          numdown

pageup         pageup!        numpageup
pagedown       pagedown!      numpagedown
end            end!           numend
home           home!          numhome
insert         insert!        numinsert
delete         delete!        numdelete
enter          enter!         numenter

help                                         OSX only; no keydown event


Note: ctrl+numlock doesn’t change the numlock state. Same with ctrl+scrolllock.

Crossing cultures

Windows keyboards can be used on OSX and Mac keyboards can be used on Windows. Each OS will try to simulate its own keyboard on the foreign keyboard. For example, the numlock key on the Windows keyboard is mapped to numclear in OSX, because that’s where the typical Mac user expects numclear to be, regardless of what is written on the key cap.

Here’s how the mappings go:

Windows keyboard on OSX

Windows keyboard     key on OSX
lwin              lcommand
rwin              rcommand
menu              menu

numlock           numclear

printscreen       F13
scrolllock        F14
break             F15

insert!           help

Mac keyboard on Windows

If you have a Mac keyboard on a Windows box, please fill these up.

Mac keyboard      key on Windows
F13               ?
F14               ?
F15               ?
F16               ?
F17               ?
F18               ?
F19               ?

num=              ?
help              ?
numclear          ?

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