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Portable OS APIs


Processes and IPC

local proc = require'proc'

A library for creating, controlling and communicating with child processes. Works on Windows, Linux and OSX.


Needs more testing.

Missing features:

  • named mutexes, semaphores and events.
  • kill child process automatically when the parent process exits.
  • setting CPU and RAM limits.
  • CPU and RAM monitoring.


proc.exec(cmd,[args],[env],[cur_dir]) -> p spawn a child process
proc.exec_luafile(file,[args],...) -> p spawn a process running a Lua script
p:kill() kill process
p:exit_code() -> code | nil,'active'|'killed' get process status or exit code
p:forget() close process handles
proc.env(k) -> v get env. var
proc.setenv(k, v) set env. var
proc.setenv(k) delete env. var
proc.env() -> env get all env. vars

proc.exec(cmd,[args],[env],[cur_dir]) -> p

Spawn a child process and return a process object to query and control the process.

  • cmd is the filepath of the executable to run.
  • args is an array of strings representing command-line arguments.
  • env is a table of environment variables (if not given, the current environment is inherited).
  • cur_dir is the directory to start the process in.

Programming Notes

  • only use uppercase env. var names because like file names, env. vars are case-sensitive on POSIX, but case-insensitive on Windows.
  • only use exit status codes in the 0..255 range because Windows exit codes are int32 but POSIX codes are limited to a byte.
  • if using proc.setenv(), use proc.env() to read back variables instead of os.getenv() because the latter won’t see the changes.

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Pkg type:Lua+ffi
Version: 3618d8e
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Author: Cosmin Apreutesei
License: Public Domain

Requires: luajit  +winapi  +glue 

Required by: none