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The Terra language

local terra = require'terra'

This is a slightly modified build of the Terra library which allows the Terra runtime to be loaded from Lua as a Lua/C module. The terra module exposes the complete Terra Lua API and installs a require() loader for loading .t files from the same locations that are used for loading Lua files.

NOTE: Terra only runs on x86-64!

NOTE: On Windows Terra is compiled with luapower’s mingw64 toolchain so there’s no need to install Visual Studio to use standard C headers. Instead, mingw64 headers are provided in the mingw64-headers package.

NOTE: The CUDA backend is not available in this build.


Building terra requires llvm.


Bundling terra requires bunding in the llvm static libraries. There’s a script documenting what these are that can be used with bundle directly:

bundle ... -a terra -a "$(csrc/terra/bundle-libs)"

Changes to terra

The source code changes made to terra were kept to a minimum to make it easy to to merge upstream changes back into the luapower terra fork. This is similar to how dynasm was modified for luapower. Anyway, the changelist:

  • the terra dynamic lib does not bundle luajit and is instead exposed as a normal Lua/C module that must be included with require'terra' from Lua.
  • LuaJIT was modified to require'terra' if loading a *.t file, and to load the file via _G.loadfile instead of lua_loadfile.
  • terralib.lua was changed to load terralib_luapower.lua at the end of the file, which changes the following:
    • loadfile is overloaded to call terra.loadfile for *.t files.
    • terralib.terrahome is set to package.exedir.
    • package.terrapath is set to match package.path.
    • terralib.linklibrary is modified to also accept foo for and libfoo.dylib respectively, just like ffi.load does.
  • terralib.lua, asdl.lua and terralist.lua are not bundled into the binary and are provided separately.
  • strict.lua is not loaded and not included (it’s included with luajit and must be loaded manually as needed).
  • std.t and parsing.t were renamed terra/std.t and terra/parsing.t respectively and are now in the luapower dir along with all Lua files.
  • the system include paths for Windows are set for mingw64-headers so building binaries with Terra’s API works out-of-the-box providing the luapower toolchain is installed (needed for linking).

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