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Cursor navigation and hit testing and text selection


	Cursor navigation and hit testing and text selection.

	Cursor navigation follows the logical text order, not the visual order.
	Moving the cursor to a new position can select the text in between or not.

	Cursor navigation and hit-testing is only available on aligned text.
	Cursor state can be set anytime and it survives re-shapes. The `x` field
	must be re-computed after re-align.

	The segments array contain the shaped text segments in logical text order.

	Each glyph run (thus each segment) holds two parallel arrays, `cursors.xs`
	and `cursors.offsets`, containing cursor position information for every
	codepoint in the segment plus one, eg. the text "ab cd" results in segments
	"ab " and "cd" with cursor positions "|a|b| |" and "|c|d|", so 4 and 3
	cursor positions respectively, and with the last position on segment "ab "
	being the same as the first position on segment "cd".

	`cursors.offsets` maps a codepoint offset to the codepoint offset for which
	there is a cursor position that can be landed on, since not every codepoint
	can have a cursor position. So `cursors.offsets` can have duplicate values
	(which are always clumped together; the array is not necessarily monotonic).

	`cursors.xs` maps a codepoint offset to the x-coord of the cursor position
	in front of that codepoint (or after it for the last element).
	Adjacent offset-distinct cursor positions have different x-coords.

	The mapping between text offsets and visually-distinct cursor positions is
	not 1:1 like it is on most (all?) text editors, but 1:2, in two cases:
	1. In mixed RTL/LTR lines, at the offsets where the direction changes.
	2. At the offset right after the last character on a wrapped line.
	You can navigate between these visually-distinct-but-logically-the-same
	positions using CURSOR_MODE_POS, or you can skip them with CURSOR_MODE_CHAR
	which brings back the normal behavior of most editors.


See the source code for more info.
Pkg type:Terra
Version: 561f751
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Author: Cosmin Apreutesei
License: Public Domain

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