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video capturing

local vi = require'videoinput'

A cross-cross-platform library for capturing video frames from webcams and other devices in real-time as bgra8 bitmaps.

Work in progress.


vi.devices() -> {dev1, ...} enumerate available devices
vi.devices'#' -> n device count
vi.devices'*' -> dev|nil default device[dev|id|'*'|t]) -> session open a capture session on a device
session:start() start the session (switch on the camera)
session:stop() stop the session (switch off the camera)
session:running([t|f]) /-> t|f get/set running status
session:close() (stop and) close the session
session:newframe(bmp) event: a new frame was captured

vi.devices() -> {dev1, ...}

Enumerate available devices. Devices are plain tables with the fields id, name, isdefault.[dev|id|'*'|t]) -> session

Open a capture session on a device. The argument can be a device object, a device id, nil/nothing/'*' which will open the default device, or an options table with the fields:

  • device - the device to open: device object, device id, nil or '*'

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Requires: +bitmap  +glue  +luajit  +objc  +box2d 
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