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Base class for windows and controls


This module implements the BaseWindow class which is the base class for both top-level windows and controls. The module also contains the message loop and the Windows singleton which deals with windows (top-level or not) as a collection.

BaseWindow is for subclassing, not for instantiation. Nevertheless, it contains properties and methods that are common to both windows and controls which are documented here.



Initial fields and properties

NOTE: in the table below i means initial field, r means property which can be read, w means property which can be set.

state irw description default reference
visible irw visibility true WS_VISIBLE
is_visible r is actually visible? IsWindowVisible
enabled irw focusability true WS_DISABLED
focused rw focused state GetFocus
dead r was it destroyed? WM_NCDESTROY
positioning irw description default reference
x, y irw position SetWindowPos
w, h irw size SetWindowPos
rect rw outer rect (RECT) SetWindowPos
client_w, client_h r inner size GetClientRect
client_rect r inner rect (RECT) GetClientRect
screen_rect r outer rect in screen space GetWindowRect
min_w, min_h irw minimum size WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGING
max_w, max_h irw maximum size WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGING
monitor r monitor (HMONITOR) MonitorFromWindow
painting irw description default reference
updating w control automatic redraw SetRedraw
other irw description default reference
font irw default font DEFAULT_GUI_FONT Get/SetWindowFont
text rw depends on control Get/SetWindowText
cursor_pos r mouse position (POINT) GetCursorPos


state description reference
enable() enable EnableWindow
disable() disable EnableWindow
focus() focus SetFocus
show([async]) show ShowWindow
hide() hide ShowWindow
positioning description reference
move(x, y) move SetWindowPos
resize(w, h) resize SetWindowPos
map_point(to_win, POINT) -> POINT map a POINT to a window’s space MapWindowPoint
map_rect(to_win, RECT) -> RECT map a RECT to a window’s space MapWindowRect
client_to_frame(nil, RECT) -> RECT inner->outer frame space conversion AdjustWindowRect
frame_to_client(nil, RECT) -> RECT outer->inner frame space conversion AdjustWindowRect
children description reference
children([all]) -> iter() -> win iterate children Get/EnumChildWindows
child_at(POINT) -> win direct child window at position ChildWindowFromPoint
real_child_at(POINT) -> win same but ignore transparent ones RealChildWindowFromPoint
z-order description reference
send_to_back([rel_to_win]) move below of other windows SetWindowPos
bring_to_front([rel_to_win]) bring in front of other windows SetWindowPos
painting description reference
redraw() redraw the window immediately RedrawWindow
invalidate([RECT], [erase_bg]) invalidate the window or a subregion InvalidateRect
batch_update(func, args…) run func() with redrawing disabled SetRedraw/RedrawWindow
drag & drop description reference
dragging(POINT) -> true|false check if dragging DragDetect
timers description reference
settimer(seconds, handler, id) set/reset a timer SetTimer
stoptimer(id) cancel a timer KillTimer


lifetime description reference
on_destroy() before destroying WM_DESTROY
on_destroyed() after being destroyed WM_NCDESTROY
state description reference
on_pos_changing(WINDOWPOS) resizing (or changing state) WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGING
on_parent_resizing(WINDOWPOS) parent is resizing WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGING
on_pos_changed() resized or state changed WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGED
on_moving() moving WM_MOVING
on_moved() was moved WM_MOVE
on_resizing() resizing WM_SIZING
on_resized() was resized WM_SIZE
on_begin_sizemove() moving or resizing started WM_ENTERSIZEMOVE
on_end_sizemove() moving or resizing ended WM_EXITSIZEMOVE
on_focus() was focused WM_SETFOCUS
on_blur() was unfocused WM_KILLFOCUS
on_enable(enabled) was enabled or disabled WM_ENABLE
on_show() was shown WM_SHOWWINDOW
mouse description reference
on_mouse_move(x, y, btns) mouse moved WM_MOUSEMOVE
on_mouse_over(x, y, btns) mouse entered the client area (*) WM_MOUSEHOVER
on_mouse_leave() mouse left the client area (*) WM_MOUSELEAVE
on_lbutton_double_click(x, y, btns) left mouse button double-click WM_LBUTTONDBLCLK
on_lbutton_down(x, y, btns) left mouse button down WM_LBUTTONDOWN
on_lbutton_up(x, y, btns) left mouse button up WM_LBUTTONUP
on_mbutton_double_click(x, y, btns) middle mouse button double-click WM_MBUTTONDBLCLK
on_mbutton_down(x, y, btns) middle mouse button down WM_MBUTTONDOWN
on_mbutton_up(x, y, btns) middle mouse button up WM_MBUTTONUP
on_rbutton_double_click(x, y, btns) right mouse button double-click WM_RBUTTONDBLCLK
on_rbutton_down(x, y, btns) right mouse button down WM_RBUTTONDOWN
on_rbutton_up(x, y, btns) right mouse button up WM_RBUTTONUP
on_xbutton_double_click(x, y, btns, which) other mouse button double-click WM_XBUTTONDBLCLK
on_xbutton_down(x, y, btns, which) other mouse button down WM_XBUTTONDOWN
on_xbutton_up(x, y, btns, which) other mouse button up WM_XBUTTONUP
on_mouse_wheel(x, y, btns, delta) mouse wheel roll WM_MOUSEWHEEL
on_mouse_hwheel(x, y, btns, delta) mouse horizontal wheel roll WM_MOUSEHWHEEL
on_set_cursor() cursor changed WM_SETCURSOR
keyboard description reference
on_key_down(VK_code, flags) key down WM_KEYDOWN
on_key_up(VK_code, flags) key up WM_KEYUP
on_syskey_down(VK_code, flags) syskey down WM_SYSKEYDOWN
on_syskey_up(VK_code, flags) syskey up WM_SYSKEYUP
on_key_down_char(utf8_char, flags) key down char WM_CHAR
on_syskey_down_char(utf8_char, flags) syskey down char WM_SYSCHAR
on_dead_key_up_char(VK_code, flags) dead key up char WM_DEADCHAR
on_dead_syskey_down_char(VK_code, flags) dead syskey down char WM_SYSDEADCHAR
on_help() user pressed F1 WM_HELP
raw input description reference
on_raw_input(RAWINPUT) raw input event WM_INPUT
on_device_change(how, HRAWINPUT) input device added/removed WM_INPUT_DEVICE_CHANGE
system events description reference
on_dpi_changed() monitor’s DPI changed WM_DPICHANGED
painting description reference
on_paint(hdc) window needs repainting WM_PAINT

(*) call TrackMouseEvent() to receive these messages.



  • [Object][winapi.object]
    • VObject
      • [HandleList][winapi.handlelist]
        • Windows

Properties and methods

field/method description reference
Windows.items -> {HWND -> win} the HWND->window map
Windows.active_window -> win get the active window
Windows.foreground_window -> win | nil get the active window if the app is active
Windows:window_at(POINT) -> win | nil get the window at a point
Windows:map_point(to_win, POINT) -> POINT map a POINT to a window’s space
Windows:map_rect(to_win, RECT) -> RECT map a RECT to a window’s space
Windows.cursor_pos -> POINT current mouse position outside of events

NOTE: The active window goes nil when the app is deactivated, but if activate() is called on a window while the app is inactive, the window’s active state will be set immediately, even if the window will not be activated (because the app is inactive). OTOH, the foreground window is always nil while the app is inactive, even after calling activate() on a window.

The message loop

MessageLoop() start the message loop
ProcessNextMessage() -> true|false process the next pending message (return true if there even was one)
ProcessMessages() process all pending messages (if any) and return
PostQuitMessage() post a quit message to the message loop to stop it

NOTE: The message loop returns an exit code, so you can call it like this: os.exit(MessageLoop()).

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