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Base class for controls


This module implements the Control class which is the base class for controls. Control is for subclassing, not for instantiation. Nevertheless, it contains properties that are common to all controls which are documented here.



Initial fields and properties

NOTE: in the table below i means initial field, r means property which can be read, w means property which can be set.

field/property irw description default reference
anchors irw anchors see below
anc irw anchors (string form) see below
parent irw control’s parent Get/SetParent


Anchors are a simple but very powerful way of doing layouting. This is how they work: there’s four possible anchors, one for each side of a control. Setting an anchor on one side fixates the distance between that side and the same side of the parent control, so that when the parent is moved/resized, the child is also moved/resized in order to preserve the initial distance. With anchors alone you can define pretty much every elastic layout that you see in typical desktop apps and you can do that without having to be explicit about the relationships between controls or having to specify percentages.

The default value of anchors is {left = true, top = true}.

Anchors can also be set and read in short form using the anc property: each anchored side is represented by one of the letters ‘ltrb’ (the default value of anc is thus ‘lt’: anc always reflects the value of anchors).

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