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Native OS APIs


Top-level windows


This module implements the Window class for creating top-level windows.



Initial fields and properties

NOTE: in the table below i means initial field, r means property which can be read, w means property which can be set.

positioning irw description default reference
x, y irw frame position CW_USEDEFAULT
w, h irw frame size CW_USEDEFAULT
customization irw description default reference
title irw titlebar ’’
background irw background color COLOR_WINDOW
cursor irw default cursor IDC_ARROW
icon irw window’s icon
small_icon irw window’s small icon
vscroll irw vertical scrollbar false WS_VSCROLL
hscroll irw horizontal scrollbar false WS_HSCROLL
menu irw menu bar
accelerators rw accelerators
state irw description default reference
minimized ir minimized state false WS_MINIMIZE
maximized ir maximized state false WS_MAXIMIZE
foreground r foreground state
normal_rect rw frame rect in normal state
restore_to_maximized rw unminimize to maximized state
owner irw window’s owner
behavior irw description default reference
autoquit irw stop the loop when closed false
closeable irw can be closed false CS_NOCLOSE
minimizable irw can be minimized true WS_MINIMIZEBOX
maximizable irw can be maximized true WS_MAXIMIZEBOX
resizeable irw can be resized true WS_SIZEBOX
activable irw activate and show on taskbar true WS_EX_NOACTIVATE
topmost irw stay above all windows false WS_EX_TOPMOST
help_button irw help button false WS_EX_CONTEXTHELP
sysmenu irw system menu true WS_SYSMENU
receive_double_clicks irw enable double click events true CS_DBLCLKS
clip_children irw clip children true WS_CLIPCHILDREN
clip_siblings irw clip siblings true WS_CLIPSIBLINGS
layered irw layered mode false WS_EX_LAYERED
own_dc irw own the DC false CS_OWNDC
control_parent irw recursive tabbing between controls true WS_EX_CONTROLPARENT
taskbar_button irw force showing on taskbar false WS_EX_APPWINDOW
remember_maximized_pos irw maximize to last known position false
child irw (for non-activable tool windows) false WS_CHILD
framing irw description default reference
border irw add a border true WS_BORDER
frame irw add a titlebar (needs border) true WS_DLGFRAME
window_edge irw (needs to be the same as frame) true WS_EX_WINDOWEDGE
dropshadow irw (for non-movable windows) false CS_DROPSHADOW
tool_window irw tool window frame false WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW
dialog_frame irw double border and no sysmenu icon false WS_EX_DLGMODALFRAME
transparent irw (use layered instead) false WS_EX_TRANSPARENT


state description reference
close() destroy the window CloseWindow
activate() activate the window if the app is active SetActiveWindow
setforeground() activate the window anyway SetForegroundWindow
minimize([deactivate], [async]) minimize (deactivate: true) ShowWindow
maximize(nil, [async]) maximize and activate ShowWindow
shownormal([activate], [async]) show in normal state (activate: true) ShowWindow
restore(nil, [async]) restore from minimized or maximized state ShowWindow
set_normal_rect(x, y, w, h) set the normal_rect discretely SetWindowPlacement
z-order description reference
send_to_back([rel_to_win]) move below other windows/specific window SetWindowPos
bring_to_front([rel_to_win]) move above other windows/specific window SetWindowPos


state description reference
on_close() was closed WM_CLOSE
on_activate() was activated WM_ACTIVATE
on_deactivate() was deactivated WM_ACTIVATE
on_activate_app() the app was activated WM_ACTIVATEAPP
on_deactivate_app() the app was deactivated WM_ACTIVATEAPP
on_nc_activate() the non-client area was activated WM_NCACTIVATE
on_nc_deactivate() the non-client area was deactivated WM_NCACTIVATE
on_minimizing(x, y) minimizing: return false to prevent SC_MINIMIZE
on_unminimizing() unminimizing: return false to prevent WM_QUERYOPEN
on_maximizing(x, y) maximizing: return false to prevent SC_MAXIMIZE
on_restoring(x, y) unmaximizing: return false to prevent SC_RESTORE
on_menu_key(char_code) get the ‘f’ in Alt+F on a ‘&File’ menu SC_KEYMENU
on_get_minmax_info(MINMAXINFO) set the min/max size constraints WM_GETMINMAXINFO
system events description winapi message
on_query_end_session() logging off (return false to prevent) WM_QUERYENDSESSION
on_end_session() logging off (after all apps agreed) WM_ENDSESSION
on_system_color_change() system colors changed WM_SYSCOLORCHANGE
on_settings_change() system parameters info changed WM_SETTINGCHANGE
on_device_mode_change() device-mode settings changed WM_DEVMODECHANGE
on_fonts_change() installed fonts changed WM_FONTCHANGE
on_time_change() system time changed WM_TIMECHANGE
on_spooler_change() spooler’s status changed WM_SPOOLERSTATUS
on_input_language_change() input language changed WM_INPUTLANGCHANGE
on_user_change() used has logged off WM_USERCHANGED
on_display_change() display resolution changed WM_DISPLAYCHANGE

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Version: 84c32de
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License: Public Domain

Requires: +events  +glue  +luajit 

Required by: cairo  cplayer  hidapi  nw  proc  sock  winapi.cairopanel  winapi.wglpanel  dollar  opengl  testui  ui