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  • snapping

    • snap to line.
    • snap to face.
    • snap to line end-points and mid-point
    • snap to axes from last point
    • choose a ref point and snap to axes originating at the ref point
    • TODO: snap to multiple automatic ref-points (coplanar, etc.)
    • TODO: choose a ref line and snap to perpendicular and paralel to that line.
    • TODO: snap to perpendicular to the starting line.
    • TODO: snap free-moving line to existing points.
    • TODO: snap free-moving line to existing intersecting or parallel lines.
    • TODO: merge overlapping lines.
    • snap to ground plane.
    • snap to most-in-front vertical plane.
  • line tool

    • auto-cut lines.
    • TODO: auto-cut faces.
  • selection & removal

    • modes: replace, toggle, add, remove.
    • double click to select adjacent faces or lines.
    • triple-click to select the entire model. TODO: triple-click should only select connected geometry.
    • TODO: rectangle selection: intersecting and bounding modes.
    • remove selected lines and faces.
      • auto-remove faces that are no longer connected.
      • TODO: merge coplanar faces when separating edges are removed.
  • push-pull tool

    • adjust geometry to make pulling available.
    • snap to touching geometry along the extrusion axis.
    • TODO: merge with intersecting faces at the end of pulling and create holes.
    • TODO: intersect side faces and lines with existing existing geometery at the end of pulling.
    • TODO: limit movement to non-intersecting faces.
  • move/rotate tool

    • TODO: split faces where their points are no longer coplanar.
  • protractor tool

  • rectangle tool

  • eraser tool

  • orbit tool

    • wheel zoom tracks mouse
  • components

    • make/break component
    • enter/exit component edit mode
    • set local axes
    • highlight all instances
  • set global axes

  • layers

  • scenes

    • scene transitions
  • shadows

    • latitude-based with date/time controls.
  • texturing

    • paint tool
    • eyedropper tool
    • move/rotate/scale/shear texture with snapping
    • bump mapping
    • opacity
  • rendering

    • thick non-edge lines.
    • TODO: thick object outline.

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License: Public Domain

Requires: errors  fs  glue  luajit  path  time  webb  base64  cjson  connpool  coro  heap  hmac  msgpack  mustache  mysql  pp  queue  schema  sha1  sha2  sock  sqlpp  tarantool  uri  xxhash 

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