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  • virtual: instant rendering, scrolling and sorting of up to 100K rows.

    • acceptably fast with millions of rows.
  • vertical and horizontal row/column layout.

    • can switch between the two modes anytime without recreating the grid.
  • tree-list.

    • automatic: just say which columns in the model are the id and parent_id.
    • TODO: multi-state checkboxes.
  • column reordering with drag & drop.

    • shows the actual column with all the cells while dragging.
    • animated placement.
  • row reordering with drag & drop

    • shows the actual row being dragged, not just an icon.
    • animated placement.
    • updates an index column in the model.
    • can move a contiguous multiple selection of rows too.
    • for a tree-list, it can move rows to a different parent too.
      • moving to a different parent can be disallowed.
  • column horizontal alignment.

  • column sorting.

    • instant for 100K rows.
    • multi-column sorting (press shift)
    • implicit grouping of special cells.
      • invalid cells come first
      • modified & unsaved cells come first
      • nulls come first
      • NaNs come first
    • custom comparators provided by the dataset
  • column resizing by drag & drop.

    • respect field’s min. width.
    • respect field’s max. width.
    • shows guide while dragging for auto-width grids.
  • visible columns subset list.

    • respect field’s hidden flag.
    • hide/show fields via context-menu.
  • cell-level navigation.

    • skip-over read-only fields.
    • skip-over read-only rows.
    • customizable keyboard navigation.
      • how many rows to move on page-down/page-up
      • how to advance on enter: false|‘next_row’|‘next_cell’
      • jump row on horiz. navigation limits
  • inline cell editing.

    • customizable editing & saving behavior.
      • jump to next/prev cell on caret limits.
      • re-enter edit mode after navigating.
      • save cell on input, edit-mode exit.
      • save row on input, edit-mode exit, row exit, manual.
      • prevent exiting edit mode on validation errors.
      • prevent changing row on validation errors.
    • custom editors.
      • drop-down.
      • check-box.
    • enter nulls with shift-delete.
    • show validation errors above/below the cell/row.
    • mark invalid cells & rows.
    • mark modified cells.
    • mark new rows.
    • mark/disable rows that are being saved.
  • quick search.

    • TODO
  • custom filters.

    • instant for 100K rows.
    • per-column checklist filters.
    • TODO: expression-tree editor.
  • save/recall grid states.

    • TODO: filter & sort state
    • TODO: tree state: collapsed nodes
    • TODO: navigation state: focus, selection and scroll state

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Pkg type:Lua+ffi
Version: 7002cca
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License: Public Domain

Requires: errors  fs  glue  luajit  path  time  webb  base64  cjson  connpool  coro  heap  hmac  msgpack  mustache  mysql  pp  queue  schema  sha1  sha2  sock  sqlpp  tarantool  uri  xxhash 

Required by: none