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LibX11 binding

local xlib = require'xlib'

Binding of libX11 library and higher-level cruft-hiding API. Created mainly for nw’s xlib backend, but directly usable for X11-only apps.


xlib_module.connect([displayname]) -> xlib connect and get a xlib API for that connection
xlib.flush() flush the command queue
xlib.screen default screen
xlib.extension_map() -> {name = true} get available X extensions
xlib.extension(name) -> true|false check if an extension is available
xlib.poll([block]) -> event | nil poll (or wait) for the next event
xlib.peek() -> event | nil get the next event without pulling it
xlib.atom(name) -> atom intern an atom
xlib.atom_name(atom) -> s | nil get an atom’s name
xlib.screens() -> iter() -> screen_num, screen iterate screens
constructors and destructors
xlib.create_window(...) XCreateWindow wrapper
xlib.destroy_window(win) XDestroyWindow wrapper
xlib.create_colormap(...) XCreateColormap wrapper
window properties
xlib.list_props(win) -> {name1, ...} list properties
xlib.delete_prop(win, prop) delete a property
xlib.get_string_prop(win, prop) -> s get a string-type property
xlib.set_string_prop(win, prop, s) set a string-type property
xlib.get_atom_map_prop(win, prop) -> t get an atom map-type property
xlib.set_atom_map_prop(win, prop, t) set an atom map-type property
xlib.set_atom_prop(win, prop, val) set an atom-type property
xlib.set_cardinal_prop(win, prop, n) set an integer-type property
xlib.get_window_prop(win, prop) -> win get a window-type property
xlib.set_window_prop(win, prop, target_win) set a window-type property
xlib.get_window_list_prop(win, prop) -> t get a window list-type property
client message events
client_message_event(win, type, fmt) -> e create a client message event
int32_list_event(win, type, n1, ...) -> e create an integer list event
atom_list_event(win, type, atom1, ...) -> e create an atom list event
send_client_message_to_root(e) send a client message to screen.root
window management
xlib.get_geometry(win) -> geom get window geometry as xlib_get_geometry_reply_t
xlib.net_supported(feature) -> true|false check the _NET_SUPPORTED atom map
xlib.get_netwn_states(win) -> t get _NET_WM_STATE atom map
xlib.set_netwn_states(win, t) set _NET_WM_STATE atom map
xlib.change_netwm_states(win,?,p1[,p2]) set or reset one or two _NET_WM_STATE atoms
xlib.get_wm_hints(win) -> hints get WM_HINTS as xlib_icccm_wm_hints_t
xlib.set_wm_hints(win, hints) set WM_HINTS as xlib_icccm_wm_hints_t
xlib.get_wm_normal_hints(win) -> hints get WM_NORMAL_HINTS as xlib_icccm_wm_size_hints_t
xlib.set_wm_normal_hints(win, hints) set WM_NORMAL_HINTS as xlib_icccm_wm_size_hints_t
xlib.set_minmax(win,minw,minh,maxw,maxh) set min/max part of WM_NORMAL_HINTS
xlib.get_motif_wm_hints(win) -> hints get _MOTIF_WM_HINTS as xlib_motif_wm_hints_t
xlib.set_motif_wm_hints(win, hints) set _MOTIF_WM_HINTS as xlib_motif_wm_hints_t
xlib.request_frame_extents(win) send _NET_REQUEST_FRAME_EXTENTS
xlib.frame_extents(win) -> x, y, w, h send _NET_FRAME_EXTENTS show window
xlib.unmap(win) hide window
xlib.activate(win) activate window
xlib.minimize(win) minimize window
xlib.translate_coords(src_win,dst_win,x,y)->x,y translate coordinates between windows
xlib.change_pos(win, x, y) change window position relative to its parent
xlib.change_size(win, cw, ch) change window client area size
xlib.get_title(win) -> title get window title
xlib.set_title(win, title) set window title and icon name
xlib.query_tree(win) -> win_tree get window root, parent and children
xlib.shm() -> shm_C get C namespace of xlib-shm if server supports shm
ping protocol
xlib.pong(e) respond to a _NET_WM_PING event
xlib.set_netwm_ping_info(win) set _NET_WM_PID and WM_CLIENT_MACHINE
direct access
xlib.c xlib_connection_t
xlib.C xlib C namespace
xlib.check(cookie) check a request cookie for errors

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Author: Cosmin Apreutesei
License: Public Domain

Requires: +ffi_reflect  +glue  +luajit  +pp  +time 

Required by: nw  testui  ui