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Excel XLSX file generator


Package type:Lua+ffi
Last commit:2 years ago
Releases: v0.0.6 v0.0.5 v0.0.4 v0.0.3 v0.0.2 v0.0.1
Platforms: all LuaJIT platforms

Dependencies   This is a combined list of packages required by all modules of this
package on each supported platform, plus binary dependencies if any.
Darker names, if present, represent indirect dependencies.
Purlpe names, if present, represent packages that contain modules that must be already be loaded.

Note: These are only the dependencies required for the modules to load.
Runtime dependencies, if any, are shown separately below.

Tip: You may not need all the dependencies listed here if you are not planning
to use all the modules of the package -- look at per-module dependencies below.

Modules     P M

module   language Lua
xlsxwriter.contenttypes Lua
xlsxwriter.core Lua
xlsxwriter.format Lua
xlsxwriter.packager Lua
xlsxwriter.relationships Lua
xlsxwriter.sharedstrings Lua
xlsxwriter.styles Lua
xlsxwriter.theme Lua
xlsxwriter.utility Lua
xlsxwriter.workbook Lua
xlsxwriter.worksheet Lua
xlsxwriter.xmlwriter Lua


name source file
xlsxwriter.bugs xlsxwriter/
xlsxwriter.faq xlsxwriter/
xlsxwriter.format xlsxwriter/
xlsxwriter.page_setup xlsxwriter/
xlsxwriter.tutorial01 xlsxwriter/
xlsxwriter.tutorial02 xlsxwriter/
xlsxwriter.tutorial03 xlsxwriter/
xlsxwriter.workbook xlsxwriter/
xlsxwriter.working_with_cell_notation xlsxwriter/
xlsxwriter.working_with_colors xlsxwriter/
xlsxwriter.working_with_dates_and_time xlsxwriter/
xlsxwriter.working_with_formats xlsxwriter/
xlsxwriter.working_with_memory xlsxwriter/
xlsxwriter.worksheet xlsxwriter/

Pkg type:Lua+ffi
Version: v0.0.6-29-g434ee37
Last commit:
Author: John McNamara
License: MIT

Requires: minizip2  luajit 

Required by: none