cairo graphics engine

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local cairo = require'cairo'

A lightweight ffi binding of the cairo graphics library with the following features:

  • cairo types have associated methods, so you can use context:paint() instead of cairo.cairo_paint(context)
  • pointers to objects for which cairo holds no references are bound to Lua's garbage collector to prevent leaks
  • ref-counted objects have a free() method that checks ref. count and a destroy() method that doesn't.
  • functions that work with char* are made to accept/return Lua strings.
  • output buffers are optional - if not passed on as arguments, temporary buffers are allocated instead; the values in the buffers are then returned as multiple return values, such as in context:clip_extents([dx1][,dy1][,dx2[,dy2]) -> x1, y1, x2, y2, where dx1 etc. are double[1] buffers.
  • the included binary is built with support for in-memory surfaces, recording surfaces, ps surfaces, pdf surfaces, svg surfaces, win32 surfaces, win32 fonts and freetype fonts.

See the cairo manual for the function list, remembering that method call style is available for them.

Additional wrappers are provided for completeness:

cr:quad_curve_to(x1, y1, x2, y2) add a quad bezier to the current path
cr:rel_quad_curve_to(x1, y1, x2, y2) add a relative quad bezier to the current path
cr:circle(cx, cy, r) add a circle to the current path
cr:ellipse(cx, cy, rx, ry) add an ellipse to the current path
cr:skew(ax, ay) skew current matrix
cr:rotate_around(cx, cy, angle) rotate current matrix around point
cr:safe_transform(mt) transform current matrix if possible
mt:transform(with_mt) -> mt transform matrix with other matrix
mt:invertible() -> true|false is matrix invertible?
mt:safe_transform(with_mt) transform matrix if possible
mt:skew(ax, ay) skew matrix
mt:rotate_around(cx, cy, angle) rotate matrix around point
surface:apply_alpha(alpha) make surface transparent

See also: sg_cairo, cplayer