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Polygon clipping

local clipper = require'clipper'

A Lua+C+ffi binding of Clipper, Angus Johnson’s free polygon clipping library.



  • polygon clipping: intersection, union, difference, xor
  • polygon simplificaion with even_odd, non_zero, positive and negative fill types
  • polygon offsetting with square, round and miter join types


clipper.polygon([n]) -> poly create a polygon object of size n (default 0)
poly:size() -> n number of vertices
poly:add(x, y) add a vertex to the polygon
poly:get(i).x -> n
poly:get(i).y -> n
get vertex coordinates
poly:get(i).x = n
poly:get(i).y = n
set vertex coordinates
poly:simplify([rule]) -> polys simplify a polygon (rule can be ‘even_odd’, ‘non_zero’, ‘positive’, ‘negative’)
poly:clean([distance]) -> polys clean a polygon
poly:reverse() reverse the order (and hence orientation) of vertices
poly:orientation() -> true | false polygon orientation (true = clockwise)
poly:area() -> n polygon area
Polygon lists
clipper.polygons([n | poly1, poly2, ...]) -> polys create a polygon list
polys:size() -> n list size
polys:add(poly) add a polygon to the end of the list
polys:get(i) -> poly get a polygon from the list
polys:set(i, poly) set a polygon in the list
polys:simplify([rule]) -> polys simplify polygons (default rule is 'even_odd')
polys:clean([distance]) -> polys clean polygons (default distance is ~= sqrt(2))
polys:reverse() reverse the order (and hence orientation) of vertices
polys:offset(delta, [join_type], [limit]) -> polys offset polygons (join type can be ‘square’ (default), ‘round’, ‘miter’; default limit is 0)
Clipping -> cl create a clipper object
cl:add_subject(poly | polys) add polygons to be clipped
cl:add_clip(poly | polys) add polygons to be clipped against
cl:get_bounds() -> x1, y1, x2, y2 bounding box of all the polygons in the clipper
cl:execute(operation, [subj_fill_type], [clip_fill_type], [reverse]) -> polys

Clip subject polygons against clip polygons, optionally setting the fill type for each polygon list and optionally reversing the order of the vertices.

  • operation = 'intersection'|'union'|'difference'|'xor'
  • *_fill_type = 'even_odd'|'non_zero'|'positive'|'negative'
  • reverse = true | false


  • input and output vertices are int64_t cdata, not Lua numbers; use simple scaling on the input and output points to preserve sub-pixel accuracy.
  • all objects are garbage collected.
  • adding a polygon to a polygon list copies the polygon and all its elements to the list so there’s no need to keep a reference to the polygon afterwards.
  • poly:get(1) returns a pointer to the beginning of the vertex array so pointer arithmetic and memcpy are allowed on it.

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