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Text selection

local selection = require'codedit_selection'

Selecting contiguous text between two char positions, (line1, col1, line2, col2), where:

  • (line1, col1) is the first selected char
  • (line2, col2) is the char immediately after the last selected char.

As far as the API for changing the selection, one on the end points is considered to be the "anchor point", and the other the "free point".


--view overrides
background_color = nil
text_color = nil
line_rect = nil --line_rect(line) -> x, y, w, h


selection:new(buffer, [view], visible) -> sel create a selection object
sel:isempty() -> true | false check if it's empty
sel:isforward() -> true | false does it go top-down and left-to-rigth?
sel:endpoints() -> line1, col1, line2, col2 endpoints, ordered
sel:cols(line) -> col1, col2 column range of one selection line
sel:next_line(line) -> line+1, col1, col2 next line boundaries
sel:lines() -> iter() -> line, col1, col2 iterate over the boundaries
sel:line_range() -> line1, line2 the range of lines that the selection covers fully or partially
sel:select() -> lines_t select text as a list of lines
sel:contents() -> s select text using buffer's line terminator setting
changing the selection
sel:reset(line, col) empty and re-anchor to a position
sel:extend(line, col) move selection's free endpoint
sel:reverse() reverse selection's direction
sel:set(line1, col1, line2, col2, forward) set selection endpoints, preserving or setting its direction
sel:select_all() extend selection to span the entire document
sel:reset_to_cursor(cur) reset to a cursor position
sel:extend_to_cursor(cur) extend to a cursor position
sel:set_to_selection(sel) set to match another selection
sel:set_to_line_range() extend to contain all its lines in full
selection-based editing
sel:remove() remove selected text from the buffer
sel:indent(use_tab) extend to line range and indent
sel:outdent() extend to line range and outdent
extend to line range and move up/down in buffer
sel:reflow(line_width, tabsize, align, wrap) reflow text in selection
hit testing
sel:hit_test(x, y) -> true | false hit test

Block Selections

local block_selection = require'codedit_blocksel'

Extended selection object for selecting vertically aligned text between two arbitrary cursor positions (line1, col1, line2, col2), where line1,line2 are the horizontal boundaries and col1,col2 are the vertical boundaries of the rectangle.

The methods are the same as for normal selections, except that operate on blocks. Also, indenting and outdenting doesn't extend the selection to line range. Other differences are as follows:

block_selection:new(buffer, view, visible) -> blocksel create a new block selection object
blocksel.block -> true this is to distinguish from a normal selection
blocksel:extend_to_last_col() extend selection to the right to contain all the available text

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