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local genx = require'genx'

A ffi binding of genx, a library for generating well-formed canonical XML documents, written by Tim Bray.


  • does all necessary XML escaping.
  • prevents generating text that isn't well-formed.
  • generates namespace prefixes.
  • produces Canonical XML, suitable for use with digital signatures.


  • only UTF8 encoding supported
  • no empty element tags
  • no <!DOCTYPE> declarations (write it yourself before calling w:start_doc())
  • no pretty-printing (add linebreaks and indentation yourself with w:text() where needed)


local w =
w:free() -> w Create a new genx writer.
w:free() Free the genx writer.
w:start_doc(file) Start an XML document on a FILE * or Lua file object
w:start_doc(write) Start an XML document on a write function to be called as write([s[, size]])
w:end_doc() Flush pending updates and release the file handle
w:ns(uri[, prefix]) -> ns Declare a namespace for reuse. The same namespace can be declared multiple times.
w:element(name[, ns | uri,prefix]) -> elem Declare an element for reuse. The same element can be declared multiple times.
w:attr(name[, ns | uri,prefix]) -> attr Declare an attribute for reuse. The same attribute can be declared multiple times.
w:comment(s) Add a comment to the current XML stream.
w:pi(target, text) Add a PI to the current XML stream.
w:start_element(elem | name [, ns | uri,prefix]) Start a new XML element.
w:end_element() End the current element.
w:add_attr(attr, val[, ns | uri,prefix]) Add an attribute to the current element. Attributes are sorted by name in the output stream.
w:add_ns(ns | [uri,prefix]) Add a namespace to the current element.
w:unset_default_namespace() Add a xmlns="" declaration to unset the default namespace declaration. This is a no-op if no default namespace is in effect.
w:text(s[, size]) Add utf-8 text.
w:char(char) Add an unicode code point.
w:check_text(s) -> genxStatus Check utf-8 text.
w:scrub_text(s) -> s Scrub utf-8 text of invalid characters.

See the genx manual for more info.