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GIF reader

local giflib = require'giflib'

Lightweight ffi binding of the antique GIFLIB.

giflib.load(path | t) -> gif

Read and decode a GIF image.

  • t is a table specifying where to read the data from and other options:
    • path: read data from a file given its filename
    • string: read data from a string
    • cdata, size: read data from a buffer of size N
    • fileno: read data from a low level file descriptor as returned by C open()
    • opaque: if true, prevents converting the gif transparent color to transparent black.

The returned gif object is a table with the fields:

  • w, h: the gif dimensions.
    • frames = {image1, ...}: the list of gif frames, in order, where each frame is an image object with the fields:
      • format, stride, data, size, w, h: image format, dimensions and pixel data.
        • the frames are always in top-down bgra8 format; use bitmap to convert them to other formats.
      • delay_ms: gif frame delay in milliseconds, for animated gifs.
      • x, y: frame position relative to the top-left corner of the virtual canvas into which to paint the frame. gif frames can have different sizes and different positions than (0,0) but this feature is almost never used.

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Requires: glue  luajit 

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