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Spell Checking


Spell checking

local hunspell = require'hunspell'

A ffi binding of the popular spell checking library hunspell., dic_filepath[, key]) -> h create a hunspell instance
h:free() free the hunspell instance
h:spell(word) -> true[, 'warn'] | false spell-check a word (the ‘warn’ flag indicates a rare word, which often is a spelling mistake)
h:suggest(word) -> words_t suggest correct words for a possibly bad word
advanced use
h:analyze(word) -> words_t morphological analysis of a word
h:stem(word) -> words_t stems of a word
h:generate(word, example) -> words_t generate word(s) by example
h:generate(word, desc_t) -> words_t generate word(s) by description (dictionary dependent)
h:add_word(word) add a word to the dictionary (in memory)
h:remove_word(word) remove a word from the dictionary (in memory)
h:get_dic_encoding() -> string return the current encoding (dictionary dependent)
extras (available with the included hunspell.dll)
h:add_dic(dic_filepath[, key]) add a dictionary file to the hunspell instance

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License: MPL
Import ver: 1.3.2

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