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EXIF reader & writer

local libexif = require'libexif'

A ffi binding of libexif, the library for reading and writing EXIF information from/to image files.


exif.C the libexif ffi clib object/namespace
exif.read_file(path) -> exit_data read data and get EXIF information
exit_data:get_tags() -> table return table of written tags
exit_data:free() free the exit_data -> exit_data

Read data and parse EXIF data from it. data is byte-data of file. Will return false if data is not a string or no EXIF data was found. Return exit_data as an cdata object with lua metatable.

exit_data:get_tags() -> table

Return table of tags from exit_data. Internally calls a foreach for all ExifContent in exit_data, fixes them then calls a foreach for all ExifEntry in ExifContent, fixes them and converts tags names and values to printable strings. Fixing ExifContent and ExifEntry allows you to get at least some EXIF tags if file was corrupted.


Free the exit_data.

Help needed

Currently there's the binary, sanitized header and the module stub that returns the clib object so the library is usable at ffi level with the aid of libexif docs. A Lua-ized API is made only for reading EXIF tags, but the library is otherwise usable without it.

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