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LuaJIT binary


LuaJIT binaries (frontend, static library, dynamic library).

Comes bundled with the luajit and luajit32 commands, which are simple shell scripts that find and load the appropriate luajit executable for your platform/arch, so that typing ./luajit or ./luajit32 (that's luajit and luajit32 on Windows) always works.

LuaJIT was compiled using its original makefile.

NEW! You can now browse the LuaJIT source code and the DynASM source code online. The html is updated daily from the github mirror which is updated hourly.

Making portable apps

To make a portable app that can run from any directory without needing Installing, every subsystem of the app that needs to open a file must look for that file in a location relative to the app's directory. This means at least three things:

  • Lua's require() must look in exe-relative dirs first,
  • the OS's shared library loader must look in exe-relative dirs first,
  • the app itself must look for assets, config files, etc. in exe-relative dirs first.

The solutions for the first two problems are platform-specific and are described below. As for the third problem, you can extract the exe's path from arg[-1]. To get the location of the running script, as opposed to that of the executable, use glue.bin. To add more paths to package.path and package.cpath at runtime, use glue.luapath and glue.cpath.

Finding Lua modules


!\..\..\?.lua;!\..\..\?\init.lua was added to the default package.path in luaconf.h. This allows luapower modules to be found regardless of what the current directory is, making the distribution portable.

The default package.cpath was also modified from !\?.dll to !\clib\?.dll. This is to distinguish between Lua/C modules and other binary dependencies.

Linux and OSX

In Linux and OSX, luajit is a shell wrapper script that sets LUA_PATH and LUA_CPATH to acheive the same effect and assure isolation from system libraries.

The current directory

Lua modules (including Lua/C modules) are searched for in the current directory first (on any platform), so the isolation from the host system is not absolute.

This is the Lua's default setting and although it's arguably a security risk, it's convenient for when you want to have a single luapower tree, possibly added to the system PATH, to be shared between many apps. In this case, starting luajit in the directory of the app makes the app's modules accessible automatically.

Finding shared libraries


Windows looks for dlls in the directory of the executable first by default, and that's where the luapower dlls are, so isolation from system libraries is acheived automatically in this case.


Linux binaries are built with rpath=$ORIGIN which makes ldd look for shared objects in the directory of the exe first.


OSX binaries are built with rpath=@loader_path which makes the dynamic loader look for dylibs in the directory of the exe first.

The current directory

The current directory is not used for finding shared libraries on Linux and OSX. It's only used on Windows, but has lower priority than the exe's directory (except on WinXP before SP2 where it has higher priority).

Finding terra modules

The luajit executable was modified to call require'terra' before trying to run .t files at the command line. It also loads the file by calling the global loadfile instead of the C function lua_loadfile. loadfile is overriden in terralib.lua to load .t files as Terra source code.



Linux and OSX

The luajit wrapper sets TERRA_PATH just like it sets LUA_PATH, so terra files are searched for in the same directories as Lua files.

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