JPEG reader

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local nanojpeg = require'nanojpeg'

A ffi binding of NanoJPEG, a very small JPEG decoder suitable for embedded applications.


  • no support for arithmetic coding (rarely used)
  • no support for progressive jpeg (not-so-rarely used)
  • slow (compared to libjpeg-turbo)
  • no option to only read the headers

nanojpeg.load(path | t) -> image

Read and decode a JPEG image.

  • t is a table specifying:
    • where to read the data from (one of the following):
      • path: read data from a file given its filename
      • string: read data from a string
      • cdata, size: read data from a buffer

The returned image object is a table with the fields:

  • data, size, format, stride, w, h: image format, data and dimensions.
    • depending on the input file, the format can be either rgb8 or g8, that is 24bit RGB or 8bit gray; use bitmap to convert to other formats.

See also: libjpeg