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Unicode database and normalization

local ucdn = require'ucdn'

A ffi binding of UCDN.

UCDN is a Unicode support library. Currently, it provides access to basic character properties contained in the Unicode Character Database and low-level normalization functions (pairwise canonical composition/decomposition and compatibility decomposition).


ucdn.unicode_version() -> s Unicode version
ucdn.combining_class(c) -> class combining class of code point per UAX#44
ucdn.east_asian_width(c) -> width east asian width of code point per UAX#11
ucdn.general_category(c) -> cat general category of code point per UAX#44
ucdn.bidi_class(c) -> class BiDi class of code point per UAX#44
ucdn.script(c) -> script script name of code point per UAX#24
ucdn.linebreak_class(c) -> class line-break class of code point per UAX#14
ucdn.resolved_linebreak_class(c) -> cls resolved line-break class
ucdn.mirrored(c) -> t|f true if mirrored character exists
ucdn.mirror(c) -> c mirrored codepoint if no mirrored char exists
ucdn.paired_bracket(c) -> c paired bracket if no paired bracket char exists
ucdn.paired_bracket_type(c) -> type paired bracket type per UAX#9
ucdn.decompose(c) -> a, b | nil pairwise canonical decomposition
ucdn.compat_decompose(c) -> a, len | nil compatibility decomposition
ucdn.compose(a, b) -> c | nil pairwise canonical composition

ucdn.resolved_linebreak_class(c) -> class

Get resolved linebreak class of a codepoint. This resolves characters in the AI, SG, XX, SA and CJ classes according to rule LB1 of UAX#14. In addition the CB class is resolved as the equivalent B2 class and the NL class is resolved as the equivalent BK class.

ucdn.decompose(c) -> a, b | nil

Pairwise canonical decomposition of a codepoint. This includes Hangul Jamo decomposition (see chapter 3.12 of the Unicode core specification).

Hangul is decomposed into L and V jamos for LV forms, and an LV precomposed syllable and a T jamo for LVT forms.

ucdn.compose(a, b) -> c | nil

Pairwise canonical composition of two codepoints. This includes Hangul Jamo composition (see chapter 3.12 of the Unicode core specification).

Hangul composition expects either L and V jamos, or an LV precomposed syllable and a T jamo. This is exactly the inverse of pairwise Hangul decomposition.

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